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    R1T at the house

    We are at the west end of 30A, south of Goatfeathers. We are using the Rivian to pull the Airstream on shorter trips. We still intend to use the Duramax for the sixty day cross-country excursions. Now that we will have Tesla Superchsrger access, we may extend our Rivian trips. Brian
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    Midnight train to Georgia derailed? Article: "Georgia demands Rivian secure, maintain factory site"

    I fully realize that I know nothing about such matters, but I will provide my opinion anyway. As musch trouble as the local folks gave Rivian about building the Georgia Plant, they should just sell the land and expand the Normal Plant as necessary. Brian
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    R1T at the house

    We love it. We are becoming masters of the multi-screen driving experience. Brian
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    R1T at the house

    Greetings from the Florida Panhandle. Congratulations on your new R1T. May you have safe travels and many great Rivian Adventures with her. We have has Opal (our R1T) for a year now and still absolutely lover her. We still fight over who gets to drive her. We are pick-up truck people and have...
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    2024.11.2 Software Update Released! => Release Notes: Send Navigation, Mapping, Charging Feedback/Scores + Rear Display Improvements + More

    Opal got her update yesterday. and it has now been uploaded. All went smoothly. I really don't mind getting the updates at the tail end of the series. This gives me the opportunity to read all the information here on the Forums and make sure that there are no glitches. Brian
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    🥦 slept through his alarm!

    I love the name "Broccoli" for a truck. I will guess that he is either Forest or Launch Green. Brian
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    Rivian R1S next to Hummer H3

    Yes, twenty years ago versus now. Brian
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    Great mobile service/repair for peeling door casket

    Nice job, good service. Thank you for posting this. Brian
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    Rivian cuts another 1% of workforce in new layoff (April 17, 2024)

    We have not had any Guide contact since Factory Delivery day a year ago. We have dealt with Customer Service once regarding a PAAK issue. Brian
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    Random behaviors

    Numbers 2 and 4 are regular occurrences with Opal (our R1T). Both are intermittent and happen as the mood strikes her. She also has a problem telling SuEllyn and I apart as far as which one of us is about to drive her. Since Opal is otherwise so good, we just deal with her gremlins. Brian
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    Worried about buying a Rivian if the company fails

    Wow. Simple answer to this dilemma. Just buy a Ford or Chevrolet. They might make it into next week without going under. Brian
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    Worried about buying a Rivian if the company fails

    We love Opal (our R1T) and will continue to enjoy her. We have owned an orphan vehicle before. We owned a DeLorean for thirty-one years. We never had trouble getting parts or finding people to work on it. Only about eight thousand DeLoreans were produced. We ultimately sold our DeLorean for more...
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    No software update this month?

    We don't have the new update yet either. We are expecting it soon. We did get the 2.8 update to the phone app. Brian
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    Four Month Wait for Service

    There are still too many service deserts in the Rivian landscape. Rivian needs to work now to have service capabilities sufficient to handle production of the R2. Brian
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    “Refresh” prediction

    I could foresee the production of the original Explore version which they nixed at the last minute when R1T production began. At that point, the Explore version stickered at $5,000 less than the Adventure version. This was prior to the R1S entering the picture. I would also love to see them go...
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    Warning - Safety Defect Found with Lectron NACS Adapter

    We are fortunate in that we don't have any big trips planned with Opal (our R1T) in the near future. We are hopeful that we receive one of the adapters by the end of the summer. Brian
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    Four Month Wait for Service

    Rivian really needs to pay more attention to their service model. If they are able to start selling the R2 and they have not greatly expanded their service and repair locations and capabilities, the Rivian dream may implode before their eyes. Brian
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    R1T Tire Rotation

    I am leaning toward leaving well enough alone and monitoring tread wear. Brian
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    R1T Tire Rotation

    We have an R1T that now has almost 7,000 miles on it. We are running the 21" Pirelli road tires on the OEM Rivian wheels. Most of our driving is local in a somewhat rural area. I have been inspecting the tires on a regular basis. All are showing 7/32" tread depth. There is no sign of any...
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    2024 R1S more Oomph to close final door

    Opal (our R1T) has always been a little difficult to tightly close the last door. It is the pressure inside the vehicle that causes this situation. Brian