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  1. jerseyff

    DriveStream clips not recording; video clips not in folder

    I have now checked for DriveStream video clips on a couple of occasions after events happened while driving only to find the clips did not exist. I eject the USB using the main screen before I disconnect it. I connect the USB to my phone and browse, only to find the folder was created for the...
  2. jerseyff

    Now Available: 2024.07.02 Software Update: Tesla Supercharger Access Coming Soon, Navigation Improvements, Room Entry And Exit Enhancements & More

    Release notes source: RivianTrackr 2024.7 OTA First reported on electraFi on Feb 24, 2024. 2024.7.1 OTA First reported on electraFi on Mar 3, 2024 2024.7.2 OTA First reported on electraFi on Mar 9, 2024 2024.7.2 OTA Public release Mar 11, 2024 --- Software Update 2024.07 Navigation Improvements...
  3. jerseyff

    Rivian App updated version released for iOS and Android

    There is a new app update (v2.6.0) available on the Google Play Store. This app update does not require a companion truck OTA for the added features to go live, just update the app! It looks like there are two new features highlighted in the release notes... Release notes Screenshots...
  4. jerseyff

    App Web Traffic

    Has anyone come up with a list of IPs or addresses that can be whitelisted to allow full phone app use? I have run into some issues at work on their wireless network and was surprised to not find any threads with this info yet; looking for a list to add to a whitelist to make sure app functions...
  5. jerseyff

    2024.03 Software Update *BETA* (Quick Controls, Individual Passenger Window Locking, Ride Feel & Ride Height Improvements & More)

    Source: RivianTrackr ElectraFi first reported a 2022 R1S Quad in Illinois installing this OTA on January 26. Software Update 2024.03 Quick Controls The former Vehicle app is now replaced by a new quick controls feature. Use quick controls to instantly access commonly used vehicle controls, such...
  6. jerseyff

    Software Update 2023.50 -- Scheduled battery preconditioning & other useful improvements!

    ElectraFi spotted a new OTA installed on a 2022 R1T Quad in California! Here are the details... Source: Rivian Tracker Source: electraFi --- Software Version 2023.50 Scheduled Drive You can now create schedules in the new Climate Schedule panel in the center display (or in the Rivian mobile...
  7. jerseyff

    Tailgate Strut Cracked

    Noticed the strut that controls the lowering of the tailgate is cracked/separating. I say cracked, but it is probably just a cosmetic shield or covering for the actual strut but still not how it was when it left the factory. Added it to my ATL SC appointment for April 3 for some other warranty...
  8. jerseyff

    Tennessee LE R1T LA Silver, Ocean Coast, 20" AT $103k (Chattanooga)

    Saw this posted at Capital Toyota in Chattanooga. No odometer listed. https://www.capitaltoyota.com/auto/used-2022-rivian-r1t-launch-edition-chattanooga-tn/70003922/
  9. jerseyff

    Stock Rivian R1T Wheels Comparison (20" AT, 21" Road, 22" Sport) Range and Efficiency Test --by OutOfSpec

    The team at Out of Spec has released another video, this time highlighting range and efficiency aspects for the three stock wheel options. YT Link: Rivian R1T Consumption Test!
  10. jerseyff

    Tire Rotation Schedule

    Got my callback from Rivian service, they officially advise tire rotation at 6k miles. It is not listed in the manual. They also stated they do not have any other recommended service schedule currently. UPDATE: This recommendation is for the factory 22" sport tires; unclear if that is a...
  11. jerseyff

    Wet spot under driver mat

    I decided to check out under my driver mat after seeing some other owners online raising light to some water issues in the cabin. Lo and behold, I pulled the mat and found water marks on the carpet on the driver side. I washed the vehicle on Sunday, and it was still wet last night when I...
  12. jerseyff

    Interior Display Time format - 12/24hr?

    Have we found a way to flip between 12hr and 24hr time formats? Couldn't find it in the manual; CS seemed to think you could, but couldn't remember how to do so.