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  1. HighVoltOverland

    Charging cost for existing Tesla owners

    Does anyone know how this works? I understand that in the Tesla App if you select charge my other EV to allow for Rivian charging and I recognize that there is a paid option for lower cost access but the Tesla FAQ states "Tesla owners always get the best pricing at each site without a...
  2. HighVoltOverland

    First look

  3. HighVoltOverland

    DIY mod - Adding hidden tailgate step ladder on R1T

    I decided to add a tailgate step/ladder to my truck bed. I took off panels Only a few torx bolts to remove The top panel snapped a bunch, gonna be cut up anyway so I’m not too concerned I tried to keep things in line with the ribs going down the middle, that puts it about 18” wide The area...
  4. HighVoltOverland

    Kitchen Item - Stoke Voltaic Joulle Electric Kettle

    Part of the design challenge I have been playing with for my camp kitchen is how to have something a bit more compact/ easy to use on solo outings that don't require I deploy the full kitchen and dirty a pan. Y'know, just sooo tedious. My current fix is just using my hunting set Titanium Mug...
  5. HighVoltOverland

    DIY Gear Shuttle Build Write-Up Instructions w/ Photos

    I have seen a lot of cool DIY efforts that reminded me I never really shared some of my experience, which in the process can probably help folks save some money and optimize build dimensions I have slowly been optimizing my gear tunnel build. Key points of concern for me when making my DIY...
  6. HighVoltOverland

    Low Profile Roof Rack by Spider No-Drill Roof Racks for R1T

    Hello all! I wanted to share my excitement to announce that Spider Roof Rack has launched its first Rivian specific product: https://www.spiderroofrack.com/product-page/rivian-r1t I've been running the prototype for a few months so AMA. I really want to point out the cost. Spider has no...
  7. HighVoltOverland

    Rivian is failing me BIG TIME

    Just figured I would give ya'll a break from the constant bitching about self induced or relatively trivial problems. My truck is rad, I actually use it offroad, when I break shit I cuss and move on. Otherwise, I want to share that I am working with a industry partner to make an aftermarket...
  8. HighVoltOverland

    NO Tonneau R1T Deliveries (Pics + Q&A)

    After giving up the ghost on my eternal Max Pack edition I was able to configure the truck I always wanted and am stoked to say I took delivery yesterday. One thing I noticed that I don’t believe has been posted on the Forums is the actual view of the No tonneau set up. First thing I noticed...
  9. HighVoltOverland

    Full spare “group” purchase

    I recently pulled the trigger on a R1 Shop config that was extremely close to my desired config (just missing a spare) With the official tires and rims only being sold in a four pack I was thinking if the stars align I’d reach out and see if there were 3 other people who would want to go in on a...
  10. HighVoltOverland

    Roof Rack [Aftermarket Development]

    I have been searching for any word on if frontrunner or prinsu or anyone was publicly in the pricess of making a Rivian roof rack/basket and came up with nothing. I did stumble upon a company called Spider Roof Racks, and what caught my attention is they are no-drill installations. I like to...