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  1. windblowlc

    Rivian offering free XPEL Stealth PPF wrap during factory shutdown!! $5K value

    From the pic it shows on the configuration with the frunk emblem, it looks like they had done the ppf before attaching the emblem. They may include the edge-wrapped imo. Most satin ppf are done with edge-wrapped otherwise the finished product would show up terrible looking.
  2. windblowlc

    Just got the Opt-In email for the free adapter.

    By delivery date is what I understand. See email.
  3. windblowlc

    Received wrong battery pack in my R1T - Large Pack (instead of standard)

    That's life. If you're fighting for survival, you do whatever it takes. But what I'm getting at is there's nothing to unlock. If they want to move inventory, they will discount the large pack.
  4. windblowlc

    Tri-Motor and Premium Trim added to R1 VIN database

    Quad is range topping model where money and complexity are not the issues. If they were, we wouldn't be enjoying the McLaren inspired suspension we're having on our R1T/S. Nothing can beat the quad performance onroad. I don't think the quad will go any time soon.
  5. windblowlc

    Received wrong battery pack in my R1T - Large Pack (instead of standard)

    Why go through the trouble to software lock the large. Inventory would move even more if it's not software limited and discounted. :)
  6. windblowlc

    Received wrong battery pack in my R1T - Large Pack (instead of standard)

    Why would they want to do that? Nothing to gain by limiting the capacity in this case and would just kill customer satisfaction.
  7. windblowlc

    Rivian temporarily pausing R1 configurator due to production line shutdown

    Where's the range topping Ascent trim that would blow away the Cyberbeast? That's what I want to see before the end of 2024 after configurator restart. Preferably with 130 mph top speed, heat pump, R2 headlights, new color, and a trim in weight. A lot of us owners would upgrade to that. Take my...
  8. windblowlc

    Should I be worried about RJ? 👀

    It’s not about how attractive the wife is; it’s how long the battery lasts! 😂
  9. windblowlc

    Fisker Ocean review: ouch

    His video wasn't persuasive one bit, but I'm not an owner. It doesn't matter what others said, at the end of the day what's important is how you like your vehicle. Look at the love the Rivian has from owners and compare it with the opinions of the critics. :D
  10. windblowlc

    Rivian doing more advertising?

    I wouldn't call a 7000+ lbs a vehicle made for the planet. Absolutely love my R1T though.
  11. windblowlc

    20-inch [AW01] Fully Forged wheels for Rivian

    Sounds much better! :like:
  12. windblowlc

    20-inch [AW01] Fully Forged wheels for Rivian

    General Grabber HTS60 is a good tire but 275/60/20 is SL load range, S speed rated and only 44 psi max inflation pressure, not enough to carry full load at high speed with high torque on the Rivian. The efficiency won't be there if you can't inflate it to 48 psi recommended pressure.
  13. windblowlc

    Fisker Ocean review: ouch

    I watched this video. Of course everybody has their own opinion but I call bs on his. For example, why try to re-engineer the sun visor with multiple flips and always block the windshield some? There's no need - with a traditional sun visor you can simply move it incrementally down to shield the...
  14. windblowlc

    Hi There, from Mountain Pass Performance

    Welcome @MountainPassPerformance! Can't wait to see what's cooking for the Rivian and looking forward to your prototype Braid wheels.
  15. windblowlc

    Has Rivian upgraded the MagSafe charger?

    The s00nish pad is fantastic in form and function. It's also the most elegant looking aftermarket one.
  16. windblowlc

    Introducing RMaxx Running Boards & Rock Sliders for Rivian R1T / R1S from Team 1EV

    Your driver side top plate should be flipped upside down to mirror image passenger side for a better look.
  17. windblowlc

    R1 refresh update coming in 2024 with upgraded “Ascent” trim / model

    Unless I'm mistaken, bigger margin price-wise is of less importance than renewing interest in the line for Rivian. As of now, the more they can sell, the more profits in the books from here on end. You don't want to price the top end high enough to lower interests in the entire brand - that...