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  1. DTown3011

    22" Inch Tire Options

    Just put the TerrainContact HTs on my R1T with 22s and very pleased. Great efficiency and the ride is improved as well.
  2. DTown3011

    Any recommendations on 22" Tire Replacement

    I just took off the snows and put on the Conti TC H/Ts - VERY happy as well, ride is improved and efficiency is great. Highly recommend.
  3. DTown3011

    Colorado Checking In

    Here is my post with photos and costs: (1) Window Tinting % Level Preferences | Page 3 | Rivian Forum - R1T R1S R2 R3 News, Specs, Models, RIVN Stock -- Rivianforums.com
  4. DTown3011

    Keeping black plastic trim BLACK!?

    This has worked really well for me: https://adamspolishes.com/products/graphene-vrt%E2%84%A2
  5. DTown3011

    Colorado Checking In

    I used these guys: https://www.autoplexco.com/exterior/window-tint/ THE EXCLUSIVE LLUMAR FORMULAONE INSTALLER IN DENVER AND NORTHERN COLORADO Had a good experience and fair pricing.
  6. DTown3011

    2024.11.2 Software Update Released! => Release Notes: Send Navigation, Mapping, Charging Feedback/Scores + Rear Display Improvements + More

    They've been talking about re-vamping the (virtually) worthless rear display - this seems to be a nice addition/fix to that. Something more for my kids to play with that I'll likely keep locked more often now ahhahaah
  7. DTown3011

    Now Available: 2024.07.02 Software Update: Tesla Supercharger Access Coming Soon, Navigation Improvements, Room Entry And Exit Enhancements & More

    Installed last night. No issues here. Honestly didn't notice anything different or meaningful in the upgrade on my drive this morning. Business as usual.
  8. DTown3011

    R2 under cover in Laguna!

    Don’t need a smaller SUV but…just gonna leave this here if you want to see the entire thing. Take my money!!!
  9. DTown3011

    Colorado Checking In

    Would be nice but don't most people have to work at 10:30am on Thursdays? Hahah, I won't be making this but certainly will be watching!
  10. DTown3011

    How much do new windshields cost these days? UGH

    Got my quote - about $1800 via Rivian service.
  11. DTown3011

    Colorado Checking In

    I used to get Rivian waves in the beginning. I really don't get any waves anymore, I would say 1-2 in 10 wave back. Bummer.
  12. DTown3011

    Tires Wearing Out by 25k miles, 20 inch A/T

    I replaced my 22” Sport tires at 12,000 miles. Consider yourself lucky!
  13. DTown3011

    Colorado and Rivian

    We are everywhere!!!!!
  14. DTown3011

    Colorado Checking In

    They’re awesome and on the way to Aspen, plus the Starbucks plus a Wendy’s? Fries and frosty?!
  15. DTown3011

    Colorado Checking In

    Chargers in Glenwood Springs at the Starbucks worked great and pulled 150 kWh with plenty of room to move around. Got the ski quiver ready to go in Aspen Snowmass all week!!!
  16. DTown3011

    How much do new windshields cost these days? UGH

    Thanks. My deductible is $1k so it will still be cheaper than the replacement.
  17. DTown3011

    How much do new windshields cost these days? UGH

    I typically don’t like to use my insurance for windshield if I don’t have to but it’s $1700 it might be worth it
  18. DTown3011

    How much do new windshields cost these days? UGH

    Yes, it goes about a foot and a half both left and right in either direction horizontally almost in a T shape. It doesn’t go fully to the edge. I’m likely going to leave this one alone for a while. It’s just stupid that it happened.