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    Kamaaina Rivian Ohana

    Just a quick photo of my R1S in Kona. Haven’t had much time for beach or mountain photos yet, but there’s always time for an after work beer 🍻
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    Another Bump n Run Accident! Excellent PDR Results in AZ

    Thanks for posting. Adding to my Contacts. I'm local (most of the time) and might need one day. Congrats on the repair! I actually had a tiny crease dent in a door repaired previously but my tint/PFF guy set it up. I think it was only $100 to fix. Your damage was much more substantial. Glad...
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    A2Z NACS To CCS1 Adapter Review

    From my experience yesterday, I had to initiate the charge within the Rivian app the first time at a Tesla Supercharger but plug and charged worked on my second attempt later that day. My question is if I sign up for a Tesla membership for a month of planned travel, will I be able to initiate a...
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    What is the best cargo liner to get for R1S .

    I like the Canvasback options but it's expensive (and takes a about 3-4 weeks): https://www.canvasback.com/r1s-cargo-liner.html I tried LinerX and could never get them to stick - even with lots of additional Velcro. I think they're too heavy, but others have had luck.
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    A2Z NACS To CCS1 Adapter Review

    I'm back successfully charging with the same adapter on my R1S and without driving over a curb. Plug and play worked perfect but earlier today I had to initiate the charge from the Rivian app. I will say getting the adapter to lock has been tricky. Will try to plug and unplug a few times to see...
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    A2Z NACS To CCS1 Adapter Review

    Using now for the first time myself. Not loving the manual lock either but I’ll survive. Drove up on the curb to avoid taking up a spot. Ran into another Rivian owner here charging their Model Y.
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    Rivian's infinite R1T Max Pack Inventory

    + 1 on a Largerest Pack! 😂
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    It's April 2nd and I'm still waiting for my NACS adapter email!!!

    Thanks for researching and posting this information! Saved me some time!
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    would you buy R1T again as of 3/25/2024?

    Well I have 3 Rivians - T and two S’s. It’d be 2 T’s and one S if a T would fit in my garage in Hawaii. I’m absolutely in love with these vehicles. They’re not perfect but I don’t want to drive anything else. Pre-price hike pricing helped. They’re all Quads. If I were purchasing now I’d buy...
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    Good neighbors watch each other's backs (and Rivians)

    I think this was graupel and not necessarily hail? https://abc7.com/what-is-graupel-definition-snow-hail/12900506/ We get graupel in Phoenix occasionally. Regardless, fantastic story! Thanks for sharing! I’d do the same for my Rivian kin!
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    Kamaaina Rivian Ohana

    Hawaii Deliveries have begun! Someone on Reddit posted they took delivery directly from Rivian in Oahu AND that their Guide said Mobile Service is officially being provided in Hawaii AND that the Oahu Service Center is supposed to open “in a few months.” I parked my R1S at the Kona Lowe’s a...
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    Charging Habits and Battery Health

    Thanks for sharing the abstracts! Those were pretty technical and dense (and I do have a doctorate albeit in a completely unrelated field) The YouTuber, backed by scientific data , literally says, “Don’t wait to recharge” and that smaller recharge cycles are better than deeper recharge cycles...
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    How to Improve a Rivian R1T's Meridian Sound System w/ Simple EQ Changes (Equipment Measured Tests & Results) + Comparison to Elevation System

    This is brilliant analysis! I bet that's exactly what happened. I, too, have an R1T with Meridian and an R1S with Rivian Elevation. I enjoy the former - even with built-in presets and am very much looking forward to trying your settings here. I'm using the R1S Rivian Elevation settings from...
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    Rivian is scheduling open service tickets for Powered Tonneau Cover issues by end of March

    My replacement was completed this morning at the Phoenix SC, but I'm in Kona right now so it'll be a bit before I can check it out in person. My wife is picking up the truck and she probably doesn't care how the new one works. In case anyone is curious:
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    Rivian offering preorder price difference vouchers for remaining price protected pre-order holders

    Agreed. Shit or get off the pot time. Rivian needs to become profitable. Nice find @Dark-Fx I do wonder if this means they'll start delivering anywhere - regardless of service center proximity - and just figure out potential service issues.
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    R1T in an Enphase Promo

    Just got this emai: https://view.email.enphase.com/?qs=cacfeeab513b05043cfbb5d666a588d13294bed03b0670dc55c1a149654c3dca0ecd23fdf44d6c14f08662ad1460759242a5f326524541da42137864444fbde11941c85b1a93bb97
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    3/2024 Sedona - Soldier’s Pass and Vultee Arch Trails in R1T

    One more note - I'm sorry to report TrailsOffRoad CarPlay integration with the EV Sportline CarPlay display was completely useless. I'm not sure if it's an issue on with the app's CarPlay integration or poor compatibility with the EVSportline screen, but nothing worked. I could not move the...
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    3/2024 Sedona - Soldier’s Pass and Vultee Arch Trails in R1T

    Found one more picture I wanted to post: I have to say, cleaning up caked on mud was rather miserable. I think I spent 2-1/2 to 3 hours cleaning up the truck - including the muddy rubber mats. There was mud all along the underbody and in the suspension. Had to bust out my pressure washer...