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  1. Charging Station Rating in new Rivian software update -- Wassym interview

    I think this feature could be very helpful. In my travels there have been some really bad EvGo sites where the delivered charging speeds were disappointing, chargers were installed in ways that made it hard to impossible to utilize them fully and other issues - would definitely appreciate a...
  2. My Rivian Driver+ almost killed me

    I have seen cars spin at 80mph so I believe it could have all happened just as written without the R1 rolling or anything. I normally look out my front windscreen while driving but on the occasions I look at the screen behind the wheel it is comical to see how far off from reality the...
  3. Rodent attack...now what?

    This is basically my worst nightmare. Rats will pee all over and that scent just attracts more rats. So even if you trap the rats chances are more rats will come along and make a home there. If this is all happening in a garage then first step is to find out how they are getting into the...
  4. San Diego to Mammoth to Tahoe and back to SD

    Kobra pretty much has the same experience as me, but to answer your question specifically I did not charge in Mammoth - so my comment that charging in Mammoth still sucks is maybe misleading if taken literally.
  5. Ski Resort L2 Charger etiquette

    I hope other resorts do this. Doesn’t have to be free - that is nice they provide it for free but I would be fine paying just to be able to charge on trips to the mountains.
  6. Strange preconditioning behavior?

    Anyone seeing their Rivian precondition an hour or more before a charging stop? Multiple times now our R1S has started to precondition 1 to 1.5 hrs before a stop. I could swear a couple times it even stopped (at least the notification cleared) before the actual charging stop. FWIW this has...
  7. R1S Shifting from Drive to Parking

    Sounds to me like your button on the stalk is on the fritz and trying to put it in park at random times.
  8. No trouble in soft sand with my QM R1S

    Thanks! For whatever reason that EA spot doesn’t come up for me on PlugShare but I just looked on the EA app and I see it there. Anyways appreciate the intel!
  9. No trouble in soft sand with my QM R1S

    I was gonna ask where you charge? Or do you live in El Centro and charge at home? PlugShare doesn’t show much in the area as far as options.
  10. Parking brake tried to engage while driving

    Considering the cars I drove the last 17 years before getting my R1S had a button on the end of the right hand stalk to engage cruise control it took me very little time to make this mistake and to try and engage park while doing 70mph on the interstate. It only happened that one time and the...
  11. 4500 mile towing journey - Portland to Tucson and back; with side trips.

    Great to see this thread resurrected - such an amazing trip and report!
  12. DEALBREAKERS for buying a used R1S?

    Personally I think the R1S is such an amazing vehicle I would be instantly suspicious of anyone selling one already and wonder if something is wrong. That said there could be plenty of reasons and I would ask why they are selling and for the VIN and in parallel I would contact the local Rivian...
  13. San Diego to Mammoth to Tahoe and back to SD

    Just adding some observations from two recent SD to Mammoth runs: - the Scorpion AT hate is probably overblown for most of us. I had no problem doing 50mph in 6” of snow and slush in the “unplowed” lane of the hwy while passing countless other SUVs. Likewise no issues getting around in the...
  14. Unable to insert charger into my R1T

    It looks from the picture like you need to pull up closer to the pedestal. I always pull up as far as I can as if the cable has tension it is harder to seat. At least that is my experience and it holds for any plug - RAN, EA, EvGo etc.
  15. Rivian wil not calibrate aftermarket wheels / tires

    Who goes out and puts aftermarket gear on a car/truck and then expects the manufacturer of that vehicle to support it? WTF? Is the world going crazy?
  16. Sliders on the Rivian, Necessary?

    a quality slider should absolutely protect your rig. 100% they should bolt onto the frame and the tubular sliders should deform before you bend your frame. You really only need them if you’ll be running fairly gnarly trails and possibly pivoting off rocks. That said they can look pretty...
  17. SOC Creep Above Limit

    Wouldn’t the SOC estimate on your screen be just that and subject to things like ambient temperature? I would guess the SOC as estimated by the software could change. 70% as measured in the middle of night in a cold garage may measure at 70+ the next day in a warmer environment. There may be...