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  1. R2 / R3 viewing in San Francisco Area?

  2. California Morimoto 4Banger LED Pod White / NCS Combo

    What is the beam pattern? (appears to be combo?)
  3. Tesla saves Rivian - Mammoth Mountain Edition

    I guess it's time to trade in the Rivian and get yourself a Tesla! ☮
  4. Rivian Lease Deals are extremely favorable right now

    The numbers only works for the quad motor/large battery pack vehicles. Very tempting deal.
  5. 100,000th Rivian Produced!

    Couldn't they have more pride than just "Normal"? :giggle:
  6. The Art of Not Sounding Pathetic While Sounding Pathetic

    I've pulled/used my hose several times now and have not had any issues putting it back in the bag. One thing I recommend is not to use the velcro in the same fashion you have shown in your photo. It appears that the velcro is causing the coiled up hose to be "taller" than the bag itself. I...
  7. R1S Megawatt Slider with body panels

    Thanks for sharing. I've been trying to ponder how to perform the same steps on an R1T. You gave me some great ideas!
  8. backing with a trailer ... not

    Curious if the trailer connection was made and if the truck was in "Tow mode"? The last update doesn't allow you to actually put the vehicle in tow mode. The only way for the truck to know that you're towing is if you have whatever it is you are towing connected.
  9. Rivian service experience with running boards?

    Had mine in for service with my Electruck4x4 Megawatt sliders and didn't get any complaints from the SC. They had to lift the truck from the lowest position as the suspension/air syustem failed on the truck. They replaced the driver front suspension and serviced the compressor without...
  10. My Rivian Driver+ almost killed me

    I was about to post the exact same response. My challenge is keeping D+ engaged as I often feel the need to center the vehicle in my lane. Most of the time D+ feels like it likes to stradle the side of a lane when the road curves. Never has it felt like I had to wrestle the steeringwheel to...
  11. Rivian offering preorder price difference vouchers for remaining price protected pre-order holders

    Just checked my acct and the pre order price voucher for orders made pre 3/1/22 is provided with a 20% discount in the US.
  12. Gear Guard is just about useless.

    Long shot but, was there a recording of when she pulled in initially? Any chance the license plate was visible then?
  13. R1S Glass Roof Tint - Heat Rejection - Wrap outside of glass?

    We had all of our windows tinted in our R1T using a cermaic tint. The windshiled received a clear UV protectant tint, the front windows they received a 30% tint and the rear windows received a 10% as well on top of the factory tint. Overall we have had no issues with heat in the truck. We've...
  14. California For sale: Megawatt Rock Sliders + Step for R1T [SF Bay Area]

    Wow. What a deal! Plus you don't have to wait! I would have jumped all over this but I just installed ours a few weeks ago after waiting months. I'm sure this will sell fast.
  15. Spotted: Rivian R1T (corporate) Tesla Supercharger Testing in Palo Alto, CA.

    The "Adapters" should have an extension cord attached to it to allow us to park in the "correct spot"...
  16. Leather Friction Sound When Retracting Steering Wheel

    I had this addressed at one of our services and same results. They claimed to have fixed it but it was only temporary as the noise came back. I believe they said they lubed it similar to the repair of the front damper noise under the front bumper.
  17. Interior lights on in park

    Similar frustrations as to when you try to 'turn off' the vehicle when sitting there to charge at times. There should be a user selectable option to 'turn off' the lights (interior and exterior), stereo, HVAC with one switch. I currently just go to camp mode and turn off the hvac and stereo...
  18. Rivian wil not calibrate aftermarket wheels / tires

    To the OP. Watch this and get some eduation regarding wheel and tire efficiencies. The car's calibration does not dictate how efficint the car will function. The physical wheel/tires is what dictates efficiency. Calibration will only SHOW more accurate numbers. However, the truck will...