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  1. Chicago Rivian Sales Location Under Construction

    Article is paywalled but seems to indicate Rivian bailed on this! ¿Que paso??
  2. 📬 Rivian Sends Delivery Window E-Mail. What’s Your Dates? => Vote in Poll!

    Yikes, I haven't gotten mine yet, April 2021 R1S order, but I expect a 2023 date, which, if confirmed, means I'm out. Wife won't wait that long, I've already strained her patience with our little car for too long. Hoping some folks drop out before I have to make the final cancellation at the end...
  3. What's Your Rivian Stock Price Forecast - IPO + 7 days, 90 days, 1 year?

    Am I nuts to think that Elon’s stunt to drop TSLA’s price was an effort to co-opt momentum and algorithmic investors into undermining the Rivian IPO’s day 1 performance? I mean, we all know that wouldn’t be below him…
  4. (UPDATED) My review: I got behind the wheel of R1T and here are the details if you are interested!

    Who else thinks we’ll all be talking about a car’s “whami” in 10 years like we talk about “em pee gees” today?
  5. Videos: Rivian infotainment touchscreen display response & Forest Edge Interior

    Not sure about silver but I’ve configured mine with white. Dark green and white is I think an aesthetically pleasing combo, moreso in the case of Hunter Green (think classic green Land Rover with white steelies) but I expect it to look good in this shade as well.
  6. (UPDATED) My review: I got behind the wheel of R1T and here are the details if you are interested!

    Wow, I thought you’d have to get a doctor to do that for you but I guess with all the adrenaline from seeing the Rivian in person you could handle the pain.
  7. Chicago Rivian Sales Location Under Construction

    Oh definitely, the implication was that any permitting was being done outside the city and that’s why it wasn’t showing up in the city database (or o was failing to find it but I looked for a while and would be surprised if I missed it). A little surprised no media outlets have picked up on it...
  8. Chicago Rivian Sales Location Under Construction

    Almost entirely positive this won’t be the service center. The permits for the renovation (which are addressed to the Sangamon side for some reason in case anybody else wants to look them up too) don’t have any of the necessary conditions. Given how far along the service centers are in other...
  9. Configurator Updated with Payment Estimator

    Fast cars and women? What is this, the 1950s? Get with the times and put your money in fast cars and women ETFs.
  10. What Will Be The First Song You Play In Your New Rivian?

    Huge dork here, already have a playlist of nature-themed works from minimalist composers ready to go on Spotify.
  11. My R1T test drive review from Normal today. It is very good

    Great review! Did they have a Chicago address on file for you? I was under the impression we were out of the range for the Normal test drives but now I…I…I just don’t know what to believe
  12. What R1S exterior color have you definitely decided upon?

    Glacier White and Forest Edge for me. A E S T H E T I C S
  13. F-150 Lightning Pre-production underway

    Agreed, and presumably there should be fewer chips needed given the centralization of controls/systems within an EV, so more sales booked per chip acquired. W/r/t OP’s comment about the factory if anyone finds themselves in Detroit and has a chance to take the public tour of F-150 production at...
  14. Newest language on the EV incentive

    Shoot, I guess I've just been oblivious to the increase in volcanic activity in the last century that sent CO2 concentrations up like a hockey stick. Probably all the volcanic fumes I've been inhaling! Besides, "volcanoes!" and "natural!" arguments for climate denialism are so passé. Even the...
  15. Demo test drives mailing list sign-up page now live on

    Bruh why all the Hialeah hate? Where else can you go that has an entire slalom course made out of headless chickens?
  16. Some Range Learnings from preproduction R1T

    This is great stuff. Some spitball guesses here - Assuming the trip charge is 90-100% that suggests that the R1S with these 20” wheels (the worst for range) will have ~310-315mi range and the 21” wheels a bit more than that. (325?) 22” somewhere in between.
  17. INTERIOR feature / details just posted at

    Exactly this; clearly so few cars really designed with women in mind, per my wife. This isn’t Volvo purse hooks good, but is very welcome for her.
  18. New updates! July deliveries, August test drives, off road package now optional on Launch Edition, gear added to configurator

    Everyone talking about the 20” truck wheels being no-cost on the R1S now - they (along with the bright and dark 20” options) are still $1,800 for me. Or was the truck 20” even pricier than the $1,800 upcharge for bright/dark 20s before and I didn’t notice at the time?
  19. The “Coming Soon, stay tuned” list

    Go check Universe 83.12D. The R1S came out in 1884. Big launch party in Metz, European Protectorate, Empire of Vietnam.