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  1. Max Pack holders: tell me your thoughts

    But it doesn’t have a camp light
  2. Max Pack holders: tell me your thoughts

    You'll need to go with the Explore package to get below $80k with max pack. It's going to be a tough decision for me between 100 miles of range or removable BT speaker
  3. Rivian CS: R1T Adventure Package deliveries start March 2022. Non-LE pre-order holder delivery window emails coming by end of year

    Aren’t launch edition and adventure optioned the same? I have Do you have the Max Pack? I don't see how they can delivery any adventure package R1Ts in March that aren't max pack, because anyone who would have reserved early enough to get a March delivery would have chosen the Launch Edition...
  4. What are you sacrificing to stay below the $80,000 tax break threshold?

    Or just buy a set of wheels and tires on tire rack. Keep or sell the 21" set, although the used market for 21" Rivian exclusive tires will be small
  5. What are you sacrificing to stay below the $80,000 tax break threshold?

    This bill isn't set up right if people are giving up larger batteries to get a tax credit. With a larger pack people will be more inclined to take their R1T on long trips and leave their second ICE vehicle at home. It would be best if you can exclude battery upgrades from the cutoff price for...
  6. What are you sacrificing to stay below the $80,000 tax break threshold?

    Configure the R1T the max pack and explorer package with a color upgrade. Then get your rebate and buy new wheels and accessories later from the adventure store. Another thing: MSRP is what they're selling the vehicle for with options. I think gov't is likely to pay attention to a base price...
  7. Tax Credit Proposal - House Bill 11/3

    It would be a shame if max pack made a vehicle ineligible. That would encourage people not to use a BEV for road trips and goes against the intent of the rebate.
  8. Do I really need the Max Pack?

    A model 3 and y has many many more places to charge than a Rivian right now and the charge rate in miles per hour of range added is much better. Going on a long trip a rivian will have less places to stop and charge, then spend much longer at those stops adding back that range.
  9. Do I really need the Max Pack?

    I talked to the “battery expert” (and I don’t use quotations because I’m being an ass) who was fairly knowledgeable. He says the max pack version will have the same payload as large pack R1T with no mechanical differences in frame or suspension. Also said both packs are 400V and didn’t know for...
  10. Do I really need the Max Pack?

    Has anyone heard from someone at Rivian when the max pack batteries are starting to get made? I know the configurator says after Jan 2022, but was wondering if there are any rumors of something more specific.
  11. Tax Credit Proposal - House Bill 11/3

    Sorry, my intent wasn’t to try to commit tax fraud and advertise it first. I was wonder since the irs doesn’t have a way to check, do they even care or ask? Will the requirement to meet be <$80k msrp, but rather buying a certain model
  12. Tax Credit Proposal - House Bill 11/3

    Has anyone bought a car and got the existing $7,500 credit? How will Uncle Sam know if I optioned out my R1T over $80k? Do they check local sales tax records? Do they look at the window sticker? I have a feeling they’ll just pass anything that has an approved make and model. Any info?
  13. Rivian Raises Target IPO Price (RIVN)

    It might be better business practice in the long run to keep your employees happier than customers.
  14. Max charging speed

    I'm still confused by this statement. Will the DCFC be able to output over 200kW initially to an R1? "300kW+ in the future" - is this spec mean an R1 will be able to charge 300kW in the future or some future vehicle we don't know about.
  15. Poll: How many shares do you plan to purchase?

    I'm curious how many shares you are thinking of buying
  16. Frightening EV Credits

    In California our state EV rebate is capped based on MSRP, but that MSRP is calculated from the base price of the model. I think the limit is $40k or something. So now I as long as there's some base version of a Tesla Model 3 that is under $40k, then all Model 3's are eligible for the rebate...
  17. Rivian discloses 56 R1T produced and 42 R1T delivered as of October 22, 2021

    I think it's reasonable they can double production every month for the first six months or so: Oct 2021: 50 Nov 2021: 100; 150 total Dec 2021: 200; 350 total Jan 2022: 400; 750 total Feb 2022: 800; 1,550 total Mar 2022: 1,600; 3,150 total Apr 2022: 3,200; 6,350 total May 2022: 6,400; 9,750...
  18. Displayed Charging info

    the display says “175 miles/hour”. Wouldn’t that be around 75 kW of charging? Seems low for 33% SoC.
  19. DSP (Directed Share Program) to purchase Rivian IPO shares - now live via web portal

    I wonder what the share price might be and how many shares were allowed to purchase.
  20. Real Life Photos of the Rivian Wheels / Rims Options [Compilation]

    Some people are willing to pay for exclusivity and Rivian is trying to take advantage of those types of people. Take the bait or don't.