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  1. Credit/discount for waiting?

    My guess it they haven't raised the prices yet, because they're also not selling them yet. In this context it's hard to talk about discount because for now the price is just some arbitrary, non obligatory number. Higher order numbers looked better in the S1. I'm expecting they will raise the...
  2. Credit/discount for waiting?

    To answer your question. Yes it would be cool :) I do not think this will happen though. I expect something quite the opposite - that they will rise the price before starting some real deliveries in higher volumes.
  3. Feels impossible Rivian will deliver my R1T by end of November

    I just recollected when they introduced guides: That story did not age well :D " Our Guide Team is located in Normal, Illinois, right in our factory. Their individual stories help paint the picture for our customers, sharing their genuine excitement for...
  4. Insurance Cost / Quotes / Premiums Thread

    Progressive added Rivian to their online quote tool, so I played with it a bit. In my case those are the numbers for 100/300/50 insurance with $500 deductible for comprehensive and collision: Rivian R1T premium $436 for 6 months For comparison this is the cost for other cars I have: JAGUAR...
  5. Long demo video of touchscreen display, UI, digital instrument cluster

    CarPlay/Android Auto is not a replacement but addition to the car's interface.
  6. Rivian & Ford cancel joint EV development plans [Automotive News]

    Personally I doubt many of us, if anyone, will get Rivian for the price that is advertised at the moment. Not really related to Mach-E in any way, just a side note ;).
  7. The Lucid Air Is the 2022 MotorTrend Car of the Year

    That really makes me excited. So if Taycan/Etron-GT can charge 10%-80% in ~19 minutes, how fast is this thing gonna be? It's also going to be more efficient, so miles per minute of charging are going to be sky high probably.
  8. First Tesla Superchargers for other automakers begin service, higher fees and membership offered

    I believe they are liquid cooled, so making an extension would be challenging and expensive. Or charge rate would limited.
  9. Out of Spec's First Drive Review of Rivian R1T @ First Mile Event

    Based on the fact that Rivian recommends to charge to only 70% on a daily basis suggests that the buffer is almost non existent. Based on the small buffer I expect that charge rate will taper aggressively towards higher SOC and also we should be ready to loose a few percent of range in a first...
  10. Rivian R1T OWNERS MANUAL Guide is here! 📒

    You're right. It's probably individual tire pressure display plus the warning light. It would be strange if it didn't display tire pressure.
  11. Rivian R1T OWNERS MANUAL Guide is here! 📒

    Hmm. Do I read that correctly and it doesn't display pressure per tire, but instead it's just a warning light in case one of the tires has low pressure?
  12. Motortrend tests R1T with 21" wheels -- "Quickest truck we've ever tested."

    Edmunds tests actual 0-60mph time. From what I remember MT tests with a rollout, so more like 5-60mph in reality.
  13. Tesla Raj talking about Rivian after driving it.

    As others posted, the messages of EA's issues are highly exaggerated. I'm using EA for 2 years now and I've never been stranded. A couple times I had to try another plug, but that's it and there was always another one available. Also where I live and travel EA chargers are almost always empty...
  14. Max charging speed

    Better way to compare charging capabilities of the vehicle is using c-rate and not kW. Rivian has big battery, 40-60% bigger than most vehicles on the market today. I think most people would agree that Tesla Semi charging at 150kW at 60% wouldn't be impressive at all. Anything below 1C at 60%...
  15. Guy who hasn't heard of Rivian is quite excited by the R1T.

    You would think so, but at least where I live I'm almost always alone at the location :). This will probably change with time.. However since they're all pretty much by Walmart I do get questions from interested non-EV owners pretty often.
  16. Max charging speed

    My personal definition of fast would be anything bellow 30 minutes from 10-80%. If it could hold 180kW to 80% then I believe that would be pretty close to that.
  17. Max charging speed

    Thanks SeaGeo for compiling this list. I really Appreciate that :) Looks like we need to wait for more data points, but it doesn't seem the charging will be very fast.
  18. Reviews coming in for Lucid

    Nice :) I'd love that. Do you have a link to source maybe?
  19. Doug DeMuro has a Rivian

    I've owned a 2009 Citroen C5. Not less quirky than this one. Same suspension and weird rear window. It also had very specific steering wheel with only ring of the steering wheel turning and center of the wheel being static. Like here: