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  1. BrentInCO

    R1S Megawatt Sliders by Electruck 4x4 - installed photos & review

    I installed mine yesterday, with the help of a friend who had jack stands. Took around 2 hours. And I referred to this post, to confirm that yes I only needed to remove 4 17 mm bolts, and 5 T55 screws.
  2. BrentInCO

    Colorado Checking In

    If you had one, where would you have charged along that route?
  3. BrentInCO

    Hitch Mounted Spare Tire Carrier

    I've heard from Wilco Offroad now. I spoke with Shane Morris sales & distribution mgr and more, x102 , 877-945-2684 He said I should call back in a month, after his monthly meeting with ownership, as they are contemplating / piloting a version of the Hitchgate Solo with a ~4”+ longer tongue for...
  4. BrentInCO

    Hitch Mounted Spare Tire Carrier

    I don't have the Rigd one, but @gtrivian said he does. The one I have, document in this string, blocks the rear camera and sensors significantly enough to be useless and annoying.
  5. BrentInCO

    Hitch Mounted Spare Tire Carrier

    Contact Rigd and they have a couple first batch Rivian specific UltraSwings, which are not on their website.
  6. BrentInCO

    Hitch Mounted Spare Tire Carrier

    I almost bought one, too, but they said my bike rack and 2 e-bikes exceed the 125 lb weight limit on their additional hitch. I’m waiting for Wilco Off-road to get back to me now. 1) Full size Rivian 20" spare wheel and tire ~86 lbs + 2) 1UpUSA Super Duty Double bike rack weight ~50 lbs + 3)...
  7. BrentInCO

    Preconditioning the Battery for DC Fast Charging can make big difference

    I’ve put almost 30k miles on my R1S over the last 12 months, with mostly Level 3 charging, and it’s clear that the battery needs to be at least 72 degrees to charge at its max capabilities (215 kw). If at 68 degrees, for example, then it takes a few minutes of Level 3 charging for it to heat up...
  8. BrentInCO

    Where are the Rivian "adventurers"?

    White Rim Trail every 2 or 3 years, Hurrah Pass, Chicken Corners, Lockhart Basin / Canyon. I’ve driven every road in the Needles District, including any requiring permits or only open part of the year, but don’t feel like I need to again. I am happy that I did Elephant Hill with my FJ, but I did...
  9. BrentInCO

    Tesla Supercharging (NACS Charging) Now Available in Rivian App! Step By Step Instructions

    I’m at the Denver Service Center right now. They say NACS adapters will start shipping middle of April and will be prioritized based on how long the owner has had the vehicle.
  10. BrentInCO

    I Have a Rivian Van (Delivery 500) On Demo

    If range was approaching 300 miles, but 140 is not nearly enough.
  11. BrentInCO

    R1S impresses on offroad track at MERUS Adventure Park in TX

    @R.I.P. if you care to watch the video, I’d be curious to hear your thoughts.
  12. BrentInCO

    Colorado Checking In

    16” as of 7am Thursday when I shoveled the driveway for the first time today
  13. BrentInCO

    Where are the Rivian "adventurers"?

    FWIW Megawatt said my sliders should be shipping any day … first batch for the R1S. I’m on Colorado trails twice per month, and Utah trails Spring and Fall. 28k miles over 12 months https://www.rivianforums.com/forum/threads/first-r1s-ascent-of-engineer-pass-colorado-elevation-12-800-ft.16821/
  14. BrentInCO

    Colorado WTB 20” Black AT wheel

    I’m looking to buy either just the wheel or wheel + tire combo as a full size spare tire for my R1S. I’m willing to go in on a set of 4 if can find 3 more people to join me, commit. I’ll also ask a service center rep in person next time I’m there as using Rivian’s 888 # in the Gear Shop got me...
  15. BrentInCO

    Demo Rivians Now for Sale

    As a Canadian, you may know more about this than me. My only experience about importing a US vehicle to Canada is this. I bought my customized (for off roading) FJ from a Coloradan who moved to Canada. He tried to work with the Canadian (or Province’s) equivalent of the Colorado motor vehicle...
  16. BrentInCO

    December 2023 / January 2024 Delivery Window - No Car in Sight

    My Shop access was removed 4 weeks ago, but no progress, no “it’s time to start your digital purchase process”. Makes me worry my vehicle didn’t pass inspections at the factory, is a lemon.
  17. BrentInCO

    Mickey Thompson Baja Boss 20" AT Tires Installed -- Like Nebraska, honestly, it's not for everyone...

    Further to my earlier message, had my service center visit today. $340 is for an EDV inspection. $0 courtesy inspection does things I can do on my own, such as top off windshield fluid. I paid $240 for the multi-point inspection. Only issue = they found both rear dampers were leaking...