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  1. Budman

    The Ultimate Efficiency Report: MN to Sedona and Back in R1T

    This trip/efficiency report will be mostly pictures and graphs and short on words. The graphs are pretty darn good and tell the story better than words could. We drove our R1T Quad Motor with 21" road tires from Minneapolis to Sedona to do some hiking by way of Des Moines, Omaha, Denver, Sante...
  2. Budman

    NY Times article on BMW EV efforts

    https://www.nytimes.com/2024/03/09/business/bmw-electric-vehicles.html The gist of it is, BMW is succeeding because they build ICE, Hybrids, EVs on the same platform and assembly line and can manage cost and consumer demand easily. Rivian is not mentioned. A positive and accurate article for...
  3. Budman

    PlugShare participation dropping off?

    I’m a regular pursuer of PlugShare reports around the country. Today I was looking to see how the new EVGO flying J stations and Tesla magic dock stations are doing. Some have only a couple reports per month. I think they get far more use than that. In general it seems fewer people are...
  4. Budman

    Cybertruck Highway Range Test by Out Of Spec

    A five hour long YouTube live feed. I did not watch it all but extracted these key figures. 46 degree temp Ran it until the battery was completely empty consuming ~122 kWh covered ~250 miles for an efficiency of about 2.05 m/kWh. Not great numbers.
  5. Budman

    Tesla Magic Dock Charging Success Rate

    Since we are reportedly on the cusp of a more widespread opening of the Tesla supercharger network I know we are all curious how the historically excellent reliability of the superchargers will hold up when CSS vehicles start using them widely. We have a bit of a sneak-preview because over the...
  6. Budman

    Out Of Spec Max Pack vs Large Pack testing

    Don't waste you time. A completely pointless 45 minute video that says next to nothing. They ran a large pack side by side with a max pack. Were at a EA charger at 10% SOC on the batteries and charged them both for 15 minutes. Drove at 85 mph for 85 total miles to get back down to 10% SOC...
  7. Budman

    Ames Iowa Magic Dock Open

    Maybe some others too, I’m losing track. But Ames is for sure a new one today.
  8. Budman

    ChargeWay App: Good potential if widely used

    Saw a new YouTube video from State Of Charge Tom Moloughney. About updated ChargeWay app version 2.0. Looks like a good combination of features from PlugShare and ABRP. Customized to your vehicle and a very nice user interface. One downside now is relatively few user reviews on station...
  9. Budman

    DC Fast Charging Expansion in MN and WI

    At least in my area around MN and WI I've seen a real significant increase in the number of fast chargers available or under construction over the last 3 months. Circle K / Holiday gas stations in particular are quickly bringing 180 kW units online at a number of gas stations. I make a yearly...
  10. Budman

    Efficiency Vs. Temperature: Data Update, Conserve Only Helps in Warm Temps.

    Posting the latest findings from this large data set I'm acquiring. Travel conditions: 165 mile trip on a mix of 70 mph interstate and 55 mph rural highways with several traffic lights and small town slowdowns. I travel this route repeatedly from my home near Minneapolis, MN to my cabin near...
  11. Budman

    Unexpected Conserve vs All Purpose Efficiency Behavior

    I've posted this data a few time on this forum. I am continuing to collect data but an odd pattern is showing up. I do a frequent 165 mile trip between my home near Minneapolis to my cabin near Hayward, WI. Been doing it for about 1.5 years now in my R1T. Most of the first year was in...
  12. Budman

    DC Fast Charger Provider Rankings

    I'm a recently retired engineer who had a data analysis itch to scratch. Bad weather today in Minnesota with an early season snowfall and cold windy conditions so took some time to dig into the data on plugshare.com. I took a sampling of up to 50 charging locations across the country for a...
  13. Budman

    Where has your Rivian been?

    I thought this might be a fun thread to share where folks have taken their Rivian and to show that roads trips are very possible in EVs. I used the free iPhone app MapMarkup to create the attached map. Add yours.
  14. Budman

    Vision Fulfilled: Minnesota R1T Goes Rocky Mountain High

    Dreams do come true. Sept 2021. Rivian holds a big press event in Colorado for automotive journalists to play with some fresh out of the box Rivian R1T's. I'm in Minneapolis, an EV enthusiast, wanting a great EV but Telsa's are just not doing it for me, have an order placed for a Mustang...
  15. Budman

    State of Charge bar is red upon waking. Video attached. Anybody else see this?

    I have a service ticket open on this. The ne technician and on guide I spoke to had not ever seen or heard of this. For the last couple months, sometimes when I first open the door and wake the vehicle from a deep sleep I see the battery state of charge bar on the main UI will briefly be...
  16. Budman

    R1T 17,000 mile review & accessory discussion

    Will keep this try to keep this short and in mostly bullet point format; Ordered: Oct. 2021 in Explorer/Max Pack configuration Delivered: July 2022 in Adventure standard battery configuration Originally wanted the max pack battery but after seeing some of the delivery estimate push outs and...
  17. Budman

    Battery % state of charge graph flashed red

    Sometimes when I open the R1T door to get inside I notice the %SOC bar is briefly red when the UI display first turns on. In about 1 second or less it turns green. Any ideas what if anything that means. Had the truck since July. The first I noticed this was one software update ago.
  18. Budman

    2nd Electrical Meter Installation For EVSE: Questions

    My electricity supplier (a rural area co-op) allows a 2nd meter to be installed for a dedicated EV charging set-up with lower rates ($0.06) for over night use. Per their instructions it appears I need to have some equipment installed by an electrician first before they will install the 2nd...
  19. Budman

    2023.02.05 update caused bandwidth issues with our household internet

    I installed .02.03 yesterday. We noticed our internet was very slow the last 2 days. Called our provider and they said something is consuming all your bandwidth. I ran some speed tests and was getting around 1.0 MbPS. Starting turning off devices to find the culprit. Looks like it is...
  20. Budman

    Handy Range Chart

    I'm sure many have already made a chart like this but in case you haven't here is a useful chart to have on hand. It quickly shows how far you can go using X% of your battery capacity for different levels of efficiency. For example, if you are at 90% SOC and willing to go down to 10% SOC on a...