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  1. Opted out of Captain Jack Sparrow mode of 2023.46.0 with software reboot

    Ok. Just had to push back on it being me and not the R1S. It was definitely driving like garbage after the update. Better now with the reboot, but still think I was better off with 38 (regrets). Here’s to hoping for the next version to be solid.
  2. Opted out of Captain Jack Sparrow mode of 2023.46.0 with software reboot

    Um, OK. I suppose my 2010 F150 is helping me all the time then?🤪 It was more like it was actively drifting on its own registering as outside the lane when it wasn’t, and the normal haptic pushback was replaced with a mushy non-haptic swagger. But, yeah, it was probably just me and and I just...
  3. Opted out of Captain Jack Sparrow mode of 2023.46.0 with software reboot

    I think more nauseating than dangerous. But it certainly wasn’t reassuring that I was fully in control. Took me a a few minutes to realize what was going on. Thought that I might have a hangover or something. Then, I saw that the car was drifting a bit more than normal back-and-forth on the...
  4. Opted out of Captain Jack Sparrow mode of 2023.46.0 with software reboot

    Following the recent update, Rivian apparently had installed an Easter egg “Captain Jack Sparrow mode”, resulting in the car drifting fairly significantly, and not recognizing lane departures. Nauseating to say the least. Decided to disable this mode with a software reboot, which worked. Good...
  5. Software Update 2023.46.0 is rolling out

    got .46 without doing .42 going for it 🤪
  6. My New Rivian R1S broken down after 40 days: “Limited Performance” issue.

    Car slept overnight. Still broken. Did software and car resets. Still broken. Rivian picking it up tomorrow and starting service the next day. Happy about the fast response, but, they are not going to pay to send it back to me. 3 hour round trip for me. Not planning on fighting over that, but...
  7. My New Rivian R1S broken down after 40 days: “Limited Performance” issue.

    Same happened to me tonight at just shy of 2k miles. Luckily I was less than a mile from home and was able to crawl in turtle mode to my driveway. Power was low and surged a bit occasionally with corresponding traction control yellow light coming on with surges. Not very reassuring, but not...
  8. Anyone gone off-roading with 22s?

    Inadvertently did some gentle dirt/rock/sand/mud last month at 46-47 psi on my way to a campground. Was watching expectantly for a blowout, particularly in the areas with jaggy rocks. No need for the air compressor this time. 😅
  9. Frequent urination incidents - how normal?

    Suggested Talking points: -not supporting foreign interests with oil purchases -runs great on electricity supplied by American coal - 0-60 in 3s - not Ford/ not Chevy -“gun tunnel” on truck -keep in highest off-road setting in parking lot
  10. Frequent urination incidents - how normal?

    Time to deck the Rivian out in American flag, NRA and Eagle stickers and do some outreach. Maybe have a hot-swappable pee on Ford/Chevy depending on the lot to seal the deal. 😛
  11. Frequent urination incidents - how normal?

    From their stickered hieroglyphics, I must presume that rednecks preferred vehicles of urination are either Ford or Chevy, whereas PNW “sophisticates” appear to be motivated by something else.
  12. Yikes! Overheating motors.

    I saw similar temps in the morning heading home from a weekend of camping in northern Michigan. It was cold and wet, so the heating up the battery explanation makes sense. I switched from conserve to all purpose in order to spread the heat out amongst the four motors which did bring the max...
  13. Halloween theme...is it already available?

    ….and play creepy organ music in the woods. when I was 11 years old, a friend and I got accidentally left in the woods about 5 miles from our fishing group’s lodging (imagine Home Alone head count but with drinking fisherman). After several scary encounters, we went to a house for help and the...
  14. What Mode and Height is Your Default?

    For my daily commute I am currently using Sport, Low (instead of lowest- seems to improve ride) and Soft. Would probably prefer something between soft and firm, but firm is just a bit too jarring in spots on my commute to be used all the time. *R1S Quad
  15. Paul Bunyans Garage of Minnesota

    Rochester. Relatively new owner (3Wks) of Forest Green Launch Ed. R1S.
  16. Bring back the Owl (Halloween Mode)

    Coming back according to this: https://www.autoevolution.com/news/rivian-overhauls-user-interface-adds-new-features-with-upcoming-halloween-software-update-222272.html