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  1. Keeping black plastic trim BLACK!?

    I've been using this for a couple of years. Doesn't leave a heavy residue and will last through a couple months of storm cycles. It won't lock in defect like some other "ceramic" treatments. Works well on all rubber and plastic parts. Bed cap ends on the R1T, crossbars, and plastic trim under...
  2. Anyone using ElectraFi ?

    Is there any way for it to access all data, prior to when you have given authorization? It would be great if it could analyze the entire history.
  3. Go Fast Camper for R1T Announced

    They sent out a pre-sale marketing email today. Hopefully not a joke if they are taking deposits... From their email: It's April fools day, but this isn't a joke. We are proud to announce the development of the first camper and topper engineered for specifically for the Rivian R1T that...
  4. Go Fast Camper for R1T Announced

    Looking good! https://gofastcampers.com/pages/rivian-r1t-pre-order
  5. R1T Bedliner Testing

    Bed liner was completely unscathed, and it cleaned up really well with some light vacuuming in the drainouts. Having the smooth surface with the tailgate down was clutch with shoveling and sliding the mulch out. Only callout was to watch out for the glass roof but the loader was awesome!
  6. Rivian Wins 2023 Rebelle Rally! - Macaruso & Anderson make historic EV win with an R1T!

    Shout out to all the entrants in this year's Rebelle! Route and competition looked tough this year, but Team 187 came out of the dunes of Glamis with a 1st ever victory in an EV. Pretty cool see them finally win, and to see Rivian supporting the event. Way to go Lilly & Alex! More info...
  7. Sandstone and Evergreen - New colors coming to Rivian?

    I was always a fan of the "Gobi Desert" on the Gladiator...
  8. R1S Not Maintaining Charge While Plugged In

    Not a problem on my side. seems to be topping up after initial charge just fine.
  9. Nate Harrison Grade - Palomar Mountain, SD

    How did it do on the climb? Did the fans or cooling system kick on? I was out there last weekend but on a bike... was 90f by 10am.
  10. How to visit Death Valley?

    The Dow Villa in Lone Pine is installing some DCFC's. Should be running by October from what they said.
  11. How to visit Death Valley?

    You will be dialed! There are two stations there and a couple more down in the "town". Enjoy!!
  12. How to visit Death Valley?

    Hey Chewy, A few things to help out. I'm out there all the time... If you are coming from Inyokern back up to DVNP and want to hit those sights you listed, I would recommend staying in the park at either Stovepipe or Furnace Creek to get a L2 charge over night, and exit south to Baker for a...
  13. 4x4 Roller Test Performed on R1T -- Rivian vs Toyota 4x4 Roller Test. Quad motor vs ATRAC vs Locker

    How cool would it be if there was a button in the rock crawl drive mode / screen menu to engage front and/or rear virtual lockers. Please! This would keep it under a speed limit and make the off road community happy.
  14. What is the secret to cleaning these door panels?!?

    There’s been a couple threads on this… https://www.rivianforums.com/forum/threads/best-product-for-plastic-trim-bumpers.13749/
  15. Best product for plastic trim / bumpers?

    I have tried a few products but nothing is holding up as well as this: https://www.chemicalguys.com/vrp-super-shine/vrp-super-shine.html I can't stand the dry light grey look on the plastic cladding over time... it looks damaged. edit: I also use on the bed trim areas that are exposed outside...
  16. Charging with an inverter generator - success!

    Keep us posted! Been wondering about this exact setup for some trips down to Baja.
  17. [Update: Made It Out!] Drive Motor Failure During Off-roading Excursion Through Water Crossing

    Subsc Hey Steve, For all of us that take these things off road (like they were designed?) can you help us understand how hard you attacked that standing water before your truck died? If you're uncomfortable sharing online maybe just shoot me a DM. Curious if you were just crawling through or...
  18. Bed Rails

    Run two separate tie down points for two bikes if possible. Just better that way... if it fails you will have redundancy.