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  1. Lil'O Annie

    5/20/23 UPDATE INFO: 2023 May 24-26 PNW Rivian Camp-out/Meetup Adventure in E. Washington

    UPDATE INFO: 2023 May 24-26 PNW Rivian Camp-out/Meetup Adventure in E. Washington It’s coming up next week!! Weather forecast looks perfect!! Wildflowers are blooming and there’s lots of green in the area! Here are a few more details: Place: Escure Ranch/Towell Falls Trail BLM...
  2. Lil'O Annie

    UPDATE: 2023 May 24-26 PNW Rivian Camp-out/Meetup Adventure in E. Washington

    UPDATE: 2023 May PNW Rivian Camp-out/Meetup Adventure in E. Washington INTERESTED? DATES SET!! May 24-26, Wed-Thur Looks like these days work best for those that are coming. See main post in "Location Section: Northwest" of forum for more info.
  3. Lil'O Annie

    Sir Pentinite Working on Our Conservation Ground

    Our R1T, Sir Pentinite, helped us move some tree trimmings to a draw on our conservation land to create some habitat for the wildlife. Easy peasy with the Rivian. Look at that beautiful sky!! E. Washington State.
  4. Lil'O Annie

    2023 May PNW Rivian Camp-out/Meetup Adventure in E. Washington INTERESTED?

    UPDATE: 2023 May PNW Rivian Camp-out/Meetup Adventure in E. Washington INTERESTED? DATES SET!! May 24-26 We (Becky L. aka Lil’O Annie and Bruce C. aka DuckTruck) are organizing a Rivian camp-out and meetup at Escure Ranch in the E. Washington Scablands to explore and learn about the amazing Ice...
  5. Lil'O Annie

    Tow Test - Rivian R1T & nuCamp TAB 320 S Boondock Teardrop Trailer

    We've been thinking of small trailers for our R1T. Most small trailers don't have an inside kitchen or bathroom, which are two things I like to have, since most of the places we go are in mega-mosquito country. This little trailer might be a good option, but there's still that "range hit" issue...
  6. Lil'O Annie

    Rivian Network DCFC coming to E. Oregon??

    Just stumbled upon this on the Plug Share map. Could this be a Rivian Network DCFC coming to E. Oregon??? Anyone in E. Oregon have info on this??
  7. Lil'O Annie

    PNW Rivian Meetup Video w/ Thirteen R1 owners @ Hood River Loop 23 Oct. 2022

    There were 13 R1's that ran the Hood River loop trip, or parts of it, Oct. 23rd. A nice large group gathered with 12 R1Ts and 1 "Star-of-the-Show" GORGEOUS El Cap R1S. The highlight of the day was the beautiful fresh snow up at Mt. Hood. Was a great fun!!! Thanks to our intrepid leader, Bruce...
  8. Lil'O Annie

    Possible Fun Event for PNW Rivots?? Friday, Aug. 12th, 7:15PM-11PM

    This event might be interesting and fun for Rivian owners. Thought I'd let you know about it. I know Tesla clubs have gone to these events in the past. If you have traveled east to west on I-90 through Washington, you've certainly seen the big wind turbines up in the hills east of Ellensburg...
  9. Lil'O Annie

    Sir Pentinite Found His Rock Namesake!!

    I named our R1T "Sir Pentinite" after a beautiful green rock-type called serpentinite. It was the first thing I thought of after seeing Launch Green for the first time. Love the color!! Yesterday, we took a special trip to find a nice sample for him. 🥰 Looks like a perfect match to me, don't...
  10. Lil'O Annie

    DIY Tonneau Repairs? Anyone try to do this yet?

    After calling Service twice, and being told I would hear back about our tonneau problem...then crickets and more crickets...I'm starting to feel like we're left to our own devices to get these "less major" things fixed in a timely manner. YES, I know they are swamped. YES, I know they are a new...
  11. Lil'O Annie

    OWNER VIDEO: E. WASHINGTON STATE - Escure Ranch Spring Time with the R1T

    Went out on a beautiful Spring day (My 22, 2022) in the R1T to enjoy the back country of the E. Washington State Ice-Age Floods Scablands. The Escure Ranch is in the BLM Rock Creek Management area. This is why we got the R1T!! :clap:
  12. Lil'O Annie


    What is that hiding out in the sagebrush? This is why I love Launch Green!
  13. Lil'O Annie

    TONNEAU ISSUES / TROUBLES POLL - Headaches for Us and Rivian?

    We've had our R1T for a week now (delivery 5/11/22). Have probably opened and closed the tonneau cover 5-10 times at the most. As of yesterday, it will not retract completely and stops at around 3/4 retracted. Still closes, but will not open entirely. We were concerned about this at delivery...
  14. Lil'O Annie

    OUR RIVIAN'S FIRST ADVENTURE! E. Washington State Channeled Scablands

    I put together a little video (drone) of our first adventure with our new baby. Nothing exciting, and a bit boring to most, but we really enjoyed where our R1T took us. Place that we hadn't been able to go before. This is in the Channeled Scablands of E. WA where the huge Ice Age Floods (about...
  15. Lil'O Annie

    TOWING & THE EXTENDED TAILGATE -- Any problems with it?

    We're considering looking at pop-up tent-trailers as a possible "lower wind-resistance" solution to help with the reduced range due to towing. We go to a lot of mega mosquito-infested 🦟 areas, so cooking and eating outside would be a pain. I got to wondering if the extended tail-gait of the...
  16. Lil'O Annie

    Didn't Know Rivians are TIME MACHINES!!!

    Thanks so much Mike & Emma for inviting us to come play in your R1T!!! 😁 The Rivian Community is so generous, kind, caring and awesome!!!🤗
  17. Lil'O Annie

    Take Your Rivian to an EARTH DAY EVENT this Spring 2022!!

    There are a lot of Earth Day EV events going on now and through May. These are great fun for EV enthusiasts and I'm sure the Rivians would generate a lot of interest. I don't have mine yet, but I'd be going to a couple of these if I did. I've done them in the past with my Bolt EV (which I no...
  18. Lil'O Annie

    Any FOREST EDGE interiors being delivered?

    Seems like most, if not all, of the recent customer deliveries have the black interiors. I'm wondering if Rivian is having trouble getting the two other interior vegan leather materials for the FE configs.
  19. Lil'O Annie

    GEAR TUNNEL & PETS -- SAFE? Why or why not??

    After watching videos from "Ted Actually Talks" when he's driving with his dog in the gear tunnel, I got to thinking about putting pets in the tunnel and whether or not it's a good idea. What do you think?? I'm trying to think of why it WOULDN'T be a good idea, as long as they have access to...
  20. Lil'O Annie


    This is a question aimed at experienced overlanders. I'm sure you know how airing down impacts range on ICE rigs, right? Do you have an idea of average-percent impact on ICE mileage/range that might give us an initial idea of how it would impact a Rivian??