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  1. My Norcal Sonoma First Mile Event Impressions and Videos

    Thanks for sharing the experience. Looks like you guys had a blast. Fun to watch. Can't wait for our turn. I am surprised you felt the Frunk was small. Everyone seemed to say it was big. As for your comment on 12volt in the Frunk, ... actually you might appreciate that eventually because it will...
  2. Seattle Rivian First Mile Test Drive Event Impressions & Reviews - by Forum Members

    I agree. I think the hesitation by Rivian is because they still have some unknowns to iron out in their production ramp. I just saw a photo of R1T parked somewhere that is supposed to be a non employee owned Truck and it’s exterior build quality appeared much better than the previous ones. If...
  3. Seattle Rivian First Mile Test Drive Event Impressions & Reviews - by Forum Members

    Sorry you were rejected on the trade with your LR Discovery :) About the news on R1S deliveries potentially moving to summer or fall of 2022 is huge news and quite a bummer. We had R1S and R1T orders in 2020 May and 2020 Nov respectively. We recently traded the configs to R1T and R1S hoping we...
  4. New Delivery Delay Confirmed - My R1T Delivery Pushed From October to end of February, 2022.

    Sorry to hear that. If I may ask, When was your preorder order date? Mine is 2020 May for R1T and 2020 Nov for R1S. Just want to extrapolate when we can expect ours
  5. Qmerit 12% fee???

    No. Don’t think so.
  6. Qmerit 12% fee???

    Good to see fellow Ohio Rivian preorder holder. we can’t wait for our R1T LE and R1S LE :). The quote seems pretty high. A good local electrician is a safe bet. But some basic install stuff also can be done DIY. Lot of youtube helpful diy videos too.
  7. My Q&A with Rivian reps at Venice Hub

    That is what we have thought. If that is indeed the case, we are lucky to have both our R1T and R1S reservations to be LE reservations and even more psyched that they both possibly might be delivered by year end.