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  1. New CarPlay Support Email?

    I started to buy Rivian's argument that Carplay/AA can be an obstruction to have seamless experience. Say car navigation can suggest chargers based on battery condition, terrain, car load, driving habit etc. Integrated app most likely would take less resource and won't make the screen...
  2. 📬 Rivian Sends Delivery Window E-Mail. What’s Your Dates? => Vote in Poll!

    April-May 2022 estimated delivery. R1S LE with Launch Green, off-road package. Feb 2019 pre-order
  3. Has anyone on this forum received a confirmed delivery date?

    Are you getting an R1T or R1S? I am guessing no estimate yet for R1S when they haven't even started building.
  4. Where is the price floor for RIVN?

    Before stock falls on the lock period expiration, I'd expect some bump after the first quarterly earnings. Most likely they'll show how the beat their production estimate and more pre-orders. Anyway, that's just my guess. Nothing is certain in current stock market.
  5. Seattle Rivian First Mile Test Drive Event Impressions & Reviews - by Forum Members

    I am in Issaquah, Feb 2019 R1S LE reservation. Haven’t received any communication about First mile. Looks like people in North Bend, Mapple Valley got a chance to drive and I am still being told by the CS rep that my guide will contact by end of the month. I also started to feel like possibly...
  6. My shopping adventure: Rivian vs F150 Lightning

    Rivian is very price competitive even without considering it's an EV. Good looking (ok, it's subjective), good utility, nice interior, air suspension, and great range. By desirability, I see it somewhere Range Rover and Audi SQ7 than Jeep Wrangler territory. Also it's in the pickup truck/SUV...
  7. My Norcal Sonoma First Mile Event Impressions and Videos

    Is it ok and safe to run a refrigerator in such a small closed area? Because air in rest of the space will be heated by a lot and might impact the heat exchange.
  8. My shopping adventure: Rivian vs F150 Lightning

    Not all EVs are same. So far I haven’t noticed Tesla depreciated more than 50% in 3 years. Even before pandemic model 3 deprecated very little. I am pretty certain Rivian will hold its value well because they aren’t making cars like legacy manufacturers doing like a side project. Also backlog...
  9. Can we be honest with each other - what benefit does a Rivian have over upcoming EVs?

    I live in Seattle area and moved from 2017 Lexus RX (totaled) to 2020 Hyundai Palisade. That was a big upgrade for me in terms of utility. I occasionally have family members visiting, have two kids, and already used 3rd row many times. I go for camping, hiking, skiing, and it's a breeze to pack...
  10. What's Your Rivian Stock Price Forecast - IPO + 7 days, 90 days, 1 year?

    I agree that it has limited impact on cash even though may look bad in accounting. But this sudden rise and put pressure on Rivian to balance compensation with new hires. Overall they might have to increase the compensation. Secondly, the company has to deal with dissatisfaction employees will...
  11. What's Your Rivian Stock Price Forecast - IPO + 7 days, 90 days, 1 year?

    Whatever happening is making me little uncomfortable. Remember Rivian also have to foot the cost of employee stock based compensation. They probably already have some stocks in hand, so no real cash expense, but still those will show up as compensation cost in accounting. Because it is still an...
  12. If a Rivian is not my next car…

    I’m driving a Hyundai Palisade Limited and can’t go for a smaller car or lower quality car. Love the interior, ride comfort is great, have better steering feedback than my previous car Lexus RX. If size is a reason, this or telluride can be a good car until R1S arrives.
  13. Seattle First Mile Test Drives Registration!

    Let me know if you have room for +1, I will dm you. I'd love to check out the car and will be sitting in the back seat quietly (well, mostly)
  14. Seattle First Mile Test Drives Registration!

    I also live in Issaquah and haven’t got my invite yet. Feb 2019 preorder, R1S LE. But most likely order queue doesn’t matter, they are doing by home location.
  15. Rivian R1T First Drive: Perfect Traction | Vlog 188

    I love the review. Their drone shots and editing is pretty good!
  16. Official: Rivian IPO priced at $78 per share (@ $77 billion valuation)!

    And by any chance that person end up selling those stocks at loss in less than 30 days, you can't subtract the loss from profit for tax purpose. In other words, if I'd still make money by buying at $78 and selling at $90 but I'd owe more taxes than profit if I have to sell the stocks I bought at...
  17. Official: Rivian IPO priced at $78 per share (@ $77 billion valuation)!

    I ACH to MS on Monday and they seems like subtracted from the balance. They are showing me the trade button and I can sell. Not that I'm selling 😎
  18. Official: Rivian IPO priced at $78 per share (@ $77 billion valuation)!

    But that would mean Rivian is leaving money on the table.
  19. Poll: RIVN price at close on end of first day of trading

    I recall Lyft IPO went through similar scenario. Price range bumped, final priced exceeds top end, multiple times oversubscribed, popped end of first day... yet kept falling for months even before pandemic. If the demand is high, Rivian can be the chooser, and I hope they chose the right investors.