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  1. KeithPleas

    Concerned with reliability of this new startup?

    Honestly, that's not encouraging per the latest Consumer Reports reliability survey: "Lexus was rated the most reliable automaker in Consumer Reports’ 2021 Auto Reliability Report, followed by Mazda and Toyota, while Jeep, Tesla and Lincoln were at the bottom of the list."
  2. KeithPleas

    Max Pack holders: tell me your thoughts

    Quoting myself I know but...yeah this is a thing - here's what RJ said less than a year ago: “You’re starting to get into the long tail of use cases, but even there we’ve designed the vehicle so you can have auxiliary battery packs. You can also charge Rivian-to-Rivian, which is a neat thing...
  3. KeithPleas

    Max Pack holders: tell me your thoughts

    And they've implemented the max pack? <cough>
  4. KeithPleas

    Max Pack holders: tell me your thoughts

    I haven't seen the truck bed mounted battery pack mentioned in a while: "Rivian says that its battery pack may be available in several configurations to provide varying amounts of power and weigh "several hundred pounds or more," meaning that the company could theoretically sell...
  5. KeithPleas

    8 business days until Thanksgiving… are LE preorder holders getting contacted by our guides?

    I think the more important date is the the expiration of the quiet period: "The quiet period begins when the registration statement is made effective and lasts for 40 days after the stock starts trading and is for analysts employed by the offering’s managing underwriters and 25 days for...
  6. KeithPleas

    My Norcal Sonoma First Mile Event Impressions and Videos

    We had a test at home on Tuesday - generally agree with these points. My wife was particularly disappointed in the frunk - the one in our Boxster gets regular use...low liftover height...holds grocery bags upright...and we were surprised at how "meh" it was too. The magnets on the flap were a...
  7. KeithPleas

    Fixed Rear Window

    In the bed with the tailgate down? You really run lumber through a glass window? What happens if you, um, brake quickly?
  8. KeithPleas

    new deliveries?

    He has to initiate a process that takes...I forget...5 to 10 minutes...during which the car cannot be driven.
  9. KeithPleas

    new deliveries?

    And that was another interesting thing...there was no drama for acceleration. In comparison, when I accelerate on an onramp in my Boxster (a MUCH slower car) my wife immediately says something like "don't kill us"...and we're just getting up to the speed limit. Around 90 mph in the Rivian and...
  10. KeithPleas

    new deliveries?

    Agree completely. Some might even be OTA software updates. We had another issue - the car was apparently set to normal height, my wife and I both remarked (after) how awkward it was to get into / out of compared to our GX470. That has a running board, well positioned handholds, and wider doors...
  11. KeithPleas

    new deliveries?

    He showed me the ODO - 411 (?) miles? Range that was interesting. He started in Conserve, was fully charged (presumably at Bellevue about 5 miles from me), and it showed something like 290 miles. We drove around locally a bit...jumped on the freeway (I floored it) for a few miles...
  12. KeithPleas

    new deliveries?

    I think this is part of it. We had almost an hour yesterday with a new (400mi) production LE that they brought to our house. Within the first 5 minutes I ask "is this how to operate the tonneau" and the demo person said "that's been locked out". Drop the tailgate and I'm staring at rusting bolts...
  13. KeithPleas

    Seattle First Mile Test Drives Registration!

    We're set for Tuesday 8:00-8:45. When I showed my wife the invite her first comments were "I hope it's not silver" and "I have a call at 8:30" :rolleyes: The good news - this is my street:
  14. KeithPleas

    Seattle First Mile Event -- FULL?!

    I just checked my email - found a reservation email from about 90 minutes ago...logged into my account and it was on the menu...and booked a session for 8:00-8:45 on the 16th. I'm a Feb 2019 R1T LE reservation holder...had added my name to the 1st mile list...and bought 25 shares on the IPO...
  15. KeithPleas

    Offering price increase? Again?

    Was that with Morgan Stanley? I ask as my wife hands me physical mail from them...<sigh>
  16. KeithPleas

    Offering price increase? Again?

    I also appreciated the Forbes analysis. And here it is...90 minutes after the nominal time for the final price...and crickets. And the confirmation deadline is ticking down. One other thing that is weighing heavily on me is...I had a MS account for my company's ESPP. But I needed to set up a...
  17. KeithPleas

    Offering price increase? Again?

    Looks like we'll know in about 2 hours - have to confirm today. My feet are getting...less warm.
  18. KeithPleas

    Sunday’s ‘Today’ show doing a segment from Normal about Rivian

    Are you sure? It's 6:25 here on the West Coast, I told my wife, she said "there is no Today show on Sunday". Update: Apparently there is a "Sunday TODAY with Willie Geist".
  19. KeithPleas

    Vehicle Life Expectancy

    I have been pondering exactly this issue - my GX470 has 214K miles…generally consumables plus every now and then an eye popping mechanical repair. I could certainly drive it for another decade. I’m now 61 so my years for an “adventure vehicle” are finite - but I’d like like to think that I could...