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  1. dleewla

    When did Rivian know that they would miss their production targets?

    I'm a huge fan of Rivian for a lot of the same reasons folks have brought up before and want them to succeed wildly so let me just say that up front. :) ✌ I find it interesting that we keep ending up coming to these two points, and they are good ones. Yes, the delays are (or should have been)...
  2. dleewla

    GM's Mary Barra Pressed To Acknowledge Tesla, Avoids And Refuses

    First no EVs at the LA Auto Show and now this. Is there any one or any company more tone deaf than GM right now?
  3. dleewla

    Doug DeMuro: Rivian R1T OFF-ROAD: The Good and The Bad

    Pros and cons of 4 wheel drive / torque vectoring and lockers. sounds like advantages for one in some scenarios while disadvantage for the other. im sure they weighed the compromises and decided it was more benefits to go 4 motors. and my guess it it'll only get better with time as the system...
  4. dleewla

    Doug DeMuro: Rivian R1T OFF-ROAD: The Good and The Bad

    its not impossible (either by regen or physical brakes). its been demonstrated by folks who test drove the vehicle. they've stated the car was not moving on a hill, even though they had their foot of the accelerator.
  5. dleewla

    If I haven’t received a delivery date for my R1S, am I not in 2022?

    Way back when they said they would be posting a "Story" with more details on the R1S. Similar to the R1T: Hasn't happened yet. Delayed I suppose along with just about everything else at Rivian. Or its planned this way but it will hopefully drop...
  6. dleewla

    Doug DeMuro: Rivian R1T OFF-ROAD: The Good and The Bad

    Id be curious to know which drive mode he was in and what the regen brake settings were. From other reviews, I've seen people stopped on descents I believe without having their foot on the brake. I'd imagine it would also allow for hill hold with max regen on. Or perhaps the weight and grade...
  7. dleewla

    3rd Row Design / Cargo Area Photos?

    It'll be interesting to see if you can actually get two adults in the 3rd row or its really small adults or children. hoping its the former and not a marking "trick" like a lot of other 3 row SUVs.
  8. dleewla

    Doug Demuro Review: The Rivian R1T Is the Coolest Pickup Truck Ever Made

    Bummed that he confirms the camera quality is not good, especially at this price point. He's reviewed tons of vehicles so he would know and based on other reviews I've seen it corroborates. Sucks that they went low quality on the cameras. I'm hoping its something that could be improved with...
  9. dleewla

    Why the 6-month delay from Oct ‘21 to Mar ‘22?

    Got it, saw a couple of those as well.
  10. dleewla

    Looking to purchase your Launch Edition

    This is lame. Please people, don't pay for someone else's place in line. They obviously don't want the vehicle (or unwilling to wait) and now are trying to profit off it.... pure greed. For those trying to sell, just cancel your reservation.
  11. dleewla

    PSA: Rivian Adventure Gear Warranty

    As we now get closer to "real" deliveries, wanted to remind folks that gear we purchase with the vehicles has a different warranty than if we purchase it later. Thought folks would want to know especially as the BBB EV tax credit/refund could impact total price and the gear we buy with the...
  12. dleewla

    Why the 6-month delay from Oct ‘21 to Mar ‘22?

    Why no deliveries in Jan/Feb 2022? You guys think they need those two months for employee deliveries?
  13. dleewla

    Rivians approach to model year: traditional or iterative (Tesla-like)?

    Do you think Rivian will approach their vehicles like a traditional car manufacturer and have distinct model years? Or do you think they will take more of an iterative, Tesla-like, approach where they "immediately" integrate improvements/changes to vehicles (outside of OTA updates)? I'm hoping...
  14. dleewla

    Why the 6-month delay from Oct ‘21 to Mar ‘22?

    My guess is its a combination of things going on. Chip shortage Supply chain issues Battery production (EVs are in demand globally, which means battery production is likely constrained) Production hell (first time car maker, learning curve) Design issues (tonneau cover, UI, Driver+, rust near...
  15. dleewla

    January 2022 Delivery Estimate Removed

    Maxpack is going to be crickets for a while (i'm calling it). With a lot of other manufacturers releasing new and more EVs over the next few of years, batteries are going to be a limiting factor. Only so many can be produced. And its going to get worse until battery production catches up to...
  16. dleewla

    Florida/Southeast left in the dark

    Seen other forum where Floridians are getting contacted with the delivery window email that other LE preorder holders have been getting.
  17. dleewla

    Has anyone on this forum received a confirmed delivery date?

    it is and it isn't carefully crafted. rivian does seem to approach its marketing/PR differently than an OEM and seems like they favor "grass roots" type look and feel. so having employees jump on IG is definitely a planned thing, but not what i would call carefully crafted. and i think they...
  18. dleewla

    Has anyone on this forum received a confirmed delivery date?

    not surprising. just mathematically would have been extremely difficult for guides to contact all LE preorder holder before the end of the month, let alone before Thanksgiving. you can only call so many people with so many hours in the day.
  19. dleewla

    Estimated Time of Delivery feature coming to Rivian configuration tool

    So guess this points to them trying to complete all LE deliveries by Spring 2022. What's confounding is the website still says "Deliveries start Jan 2022", when that is inaccurate. I can't see a non-LE preorder getting theirs prior to an LE, or I guess unless its an early-early order but just...
  20. dleewla

    What Will Be The First Song You Play In Your New Rivian?

    Well, here are a few that I think are appropriate. All pretty good imo. Electricity - OMD Drive - The Cars Route 66 - Depeche Mode I Get Around - Beach Boys Running on Empty - Jackson Brown