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  1. Long demo video of touchscreen display, UI, digital instrument cluster

    hmm not sure if that makes it better or worst, the fact that instagram and tiktok endorse/encourage vertically recorded videos , just indicates the scale of such nonsense
  2. Long demo video of touchscreen display, UI, digital instrument cluster

    I find it amazing that lots of people record videos vertically, as if they have never ever tried to watch a video before in their life.....for a suppossed superior being that we are assumed to be, we are also very dumb at times too
  3. Poll: RIVN price at close on end of first day of trading

    more interesting question, is what will the price be at open the 2nd day. times have changed a bit, but take facebook for example, for anyone who bought on the 1st day of their IPO, they didnt see any gains on their investment for 14+ months
  4. New Delivery Delay Confirmed - My R1T Delivery Pushed From October to end of February, 2022.

    The delays are on purpose and directly related to the IPO, Rivian does not want these trucks in the hands of the general public until the IPO happens, everyone who has one of these trucks in under Rivian's thumb currently, and that will remain so until the IPO has come and gone. The annoying...
  5. Vehicle Life Expectancy

    I have a different spin on this question, in that will a vehicle like this, that is much more dependent on technology hold its value in a used market as much as an ICE historically would? Here is a hypothetical condition, a year after I buy an R1T ( i have one on order now), battery...