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  1. 📬 Rivian Sends Delivery Window E-Mail. What’s Your Dates? => Vote in Poll!

    Let's hope they purposefully chose not to account for customer defection. That way, they might actually have a chance at meeting their stated delivery targets 😜
  2. What are you sacrificing to stay below the $80,000 tax break threshold?

    I don't think that's right. Pretty confident it was $80k for both trucks and SUVs that passed through the House and now sits with the Senate. Used EV tax credit, union-built bonus part of House social and climate bill now headed to Senate (
  3. looking to purchase your early delivery launch edition.

    looking to purchase your early delivery launch edition. I fixed your thread title. Best of luck!
  4. Looking to purchase your Launch Edition

    I would love to bet you $50k that you won't be able to flip your LE for a $50k profit. I'll patiently wait another year or so for mine and let them work out the production kinks.
  5. Skeptical Of Rivian's Prices

    Exactly right. This is what they say in the S1 about resale assumptions: Resale and Trade-In. We assume the LTR opportunity from resale and trade-in to be $34,500 per consumer vehicle and $19,800 per commercial vehicle, based on a single sale in year six of the vehicle’s life. We determine...
  6. Skeptical Of Rivian's Prices

    Here is the breakdown of the $67.9k potential lifetime revenue, as detailed in the S1.
  7. Rivian hit with Gender Discrimination Lawsuit by ex-sales and marketing head, Laura Schwab

    WSJ also published an article and I found the following re: manufacturing quality and pricing most concerning to me, personally. "The lawsuit claims several other executives at first brushed off her statements about Rivian’s vehicles being underpriced, only to agree later that prices would...
  8. EV tax credit increase to $12,500 in Biden's latest proposal as of 10/28

    R1S would not qualify because the MSRP starts above the $69k threshold ($70k for Explorer package). As others have noted, there are a lot of variables here that could change before/if this is ever signed into law. I disagree with Diddy in that I don't think it matters how you kit it out. Pure...