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  1. MoreTrout

    Doug Demuro Review: The Rivian R1T Is the Coolest Pickup Truck Ever Made

    When he said the cup holders were obviously to put drinks in, I was waiting for him to say they were also the last option to use handcuffs for your kidnapping victim.
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    MotorTrend Feature Article - "Pioneer Movement"

    Maybe if I read one page a month I'll get my truck by the time I finish the article.
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    Polestar Precept announced as Polestar 5 - This thing looks amazing !

    I really hope you are right, but at some point economies of scale are going to compete with the basic economic laws of supply and demand. We are all on here daily absorbing every theory of why Rivian has botched communications about production delays, and battery supply is near the top of that...
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    Out of Spec Tours the Rivian Hub in Venice

    Nice plug for the Clipper Creek Enphase charger. (pun intended)
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    Enphase buys Clipper Creek

    Very excited to see this. IMO Enphase is the best of the best for home solar and storage. Been waiting to see what they would buy next with their huge cash pile and this is a great start. If my RIVN stock does 1/10th what my ENPH did I'll be ecstatic...
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    New Delivery Delay Confirmed - My R1T Delivery Pushed From October to end of February, 2022.

    This is from a headline published 6 days ago: " Rivian Automotive (RIVN) says on its website that it will start taking orders for its electric delivery vans in 2022 and will deliver them to fleet customers in the early part of 2023. It is unclear if Amazon formally gave up its exclusive rights...
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    New Delivery Delay Confirmed - My R1T Delivery Pushed From October to end of February, 2022.

    Going by memory here, but the plan for the Amazon vehicles was not 10k/year. It was 10k for 2022 and all 100k by 2025. The 2030 confusion came from Amazon's commercials with their plan to go all electric by 2030. They need far more than 100k to do that. Based on some recent comments from...
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    New Delivery Delay Confirmed - My R1T Delivery Pushed From October to end of February, 2022.

    Lots of valid points and thoughts, but a I think a couple are off a bit. At least for a truck, wandering off to Ford or others are probably only an option if you already had a longstanding preorder placed at the launch of their offerings. I would wager that making a new order today for a...
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    Rivian R1T First Drive: Perfect Traction | Vlog 188

    Gotta admit that was the most fun to watch of all the experiences/reviews out there. Light on any details, which I could probably quote or correct from memory at this point anyway, but he captured the sheer joy of driving one better than anyone I have seen to date.
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    Future V2H charging and any impact on warranty?

    I'm not talking about an off-grid setup. I'll still be grid connected so it's simple, if the truck isn't there use the grid. I'm not sure if the peak power draw like the 0-60 is the main issue for the battery degradation. My limited understanding is that it is more a result of the frequency...
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    Future V2H charging and any impact on warranty?

    With an upcoming move in the next few months, part of my home searching includes checking the Sun score on Zillow for every listing since I will most likely be installing solar. I'm on the fence about adding storage. I would love to, but the best systems out there are still pretty pricey for...
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    Motortrend tests R1T with 21" wheels -- "Quickest truck we've ever tested."

    Well other than advertising your boss's midlife crisis, not sure what use a 911 even has beyond a speedy 0-60. Last I checked, a 911 wasn't my go to for driving through snow, mud, deep rutted trails, rocks, hauling bikes, hunting/fishing gear, kayaks, towing, providing backup power to my...
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    Updates on Rivian production ramp from 3rd S-1 amendment [filed 11/5]

    I disagree with the poster that the production targets for the EDV vs the R1s showing any "favoritism" to Amazon. It's a commercial vehicle. Their are far fewer variables in configurations that need to be swapped in and out. The production lines can therefore be much more efficient with...
  14. MoreTrout

    Random Order number question

    You'll get plenty of more informed responses, but here is my take. There was definitely a linear correlation to that number until they realized people could see it and were making assumptions about it and changed it to some randomized number. I believe someone figured out it started at 1000...
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    R1T being tested for North American Car & Truck (NACTOY) of the Year - Juror Impressions

    The hybrid Maverick is just fine for a fuel efficient urban grocery hauler. Without AWD its next to useless for the variety of uses the R1T or Hummer will be able to do. And as you pointed out, it will suffer from the notorious Ford production quality issues. In my mind the Maverick isn't...
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    Front Light Bar mod / customizing ideas?

    GO COCKS! Sorry, couldn't resist. My niece is a grad.
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    My shopping adventure: Rivian vs F150 Lightning

    Very nice comparison. My only exception to it would be listing local Ford service departments as "EV ready" as a Pro. I bought an Escape Hybrid the year it came out in 2005. Still love and miss that thing. It was the first hybrid SUV and years ahead of anything on the market at the time...
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    Rebelle Rally starts up for Rivian R1T piloted by Emme and Rebecca!

    I don't remember ever hearing them say they were going to have a max pack. I do recall them saying they were going to have a "bigger" battery with more range than last year now that they had a production vehicle. Last year they never mentioned specific size or range, but did say at the time...
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    Just Finished NY First Mile Drive. My R1T impressions & Review

    Great review. On the higher than expected step up, do you know what height it was set at? Was it at the lowest possible height?
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    Rivian electric vehicle chargers are not coming to Colorado parks anytime soon

    If I have to read one more of these moron journalists that feel the need to throw in a meaningless "Rivian has been losing billions of dollars", I'm going to vomit. Not a single one of them understands what it means to launch a business, especially one on the scale of an automobile...