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  1. Doug Demuro Review: The Rivian R1T Is the Coolest Pickup Truck Ever Made

    Great score and it beats the closest competitor by 5 points (which is alot on the Dougscore). But it's also the only EV on the list. I'm curious to see where the Ford Lightning comes in at.
  2. Doug Demuro Review: The Rivian R1T Is the Coolest Pickup Truck Ever Made

    I've been looking forward to Doug's take on the R1T for a couple weeks now and I haven't been let down by his impressions. He missed a couple of features though that I felt he should mention. That being the Rivian logo in the phone charging mat and in the truck-bed texture. Nobody else does...
  3. Doug Demuro Review: The Rivian R1T Is the Coolest Pickup Truck Ever Made

    I think he bases the 'quality' score on the Tundra from Toyota reputation.
  4. What vehicle will you switch to since Rivian is adding another 6-12 months to delivery times?

    I "NEED" to replace two cars in March 2022. I pre-ordered the Rivian but it doesn't look like I will have it before 2023. So I just ordered a Tesla MYP that is scheduled for a February 2022 delivery date. I'll drive it until my R1T is ready, I'll decide then (taking into account how much I like...
  5. Doug DeMuro tours the F150 Lightning

    He's standing behind a Rivian in the intro. I wonder how s00n it'll be before we see that review from him?
  6. What are you sacrificing to stay below the $80,000 tax break threshold?

    I've got an R1T sitting right at $79,975. I'll pick up what I left off in the store after I get the truck. Which is the camp kitchen and the tent. I don't expect Rivian to raise the prices from where they are now for at least the 50k they have back ordered already. If they do raise prices...
  7. Where is the price floor for RIVN?

    Nobody can answer your question. As a startup Rivian has a lot to prove even to justify its current valuation and I would expect more downside pressures. But how low is anybody's guess.
  8. Estimated Time of Delivery feature coming to Rivian configuration tool

    That will either excite:clap: or depress people :confused:. Either way it'll be a nice feature.
  9. 8 business days until Thanksgiving… are LE preorder holders getting contacted by our guides?

    The name of this thread is 8 business days until Thanksgiving… are LE preorder holders getting contacted by our guides? And it's a valid thread - nothing wrong with it. So doesn't it make sense that people are posting about their contact with guides? If that irritates you, perhaps scroll past...
  10. LIMESTONE Rivian Club

    Oooh. Now that makes sense. :like:
  11. LIMESTONE Rivian Club

    Bah! I had actually watched that video some time ago but wasn't focused on colors then. Then this thumbnail came up in my feed a day after joining this group and so the color, from that angle, looked grey-ish and so I thought 'there it is!' Doh!
  12. To the Rivian Board: Get your priorities straight

    Interesting take. I see it differently: Amazon is a huge company with very deep pockets. I doubt they dumped billions into a start up just to use it as their own personal production facility; it's not cost effective. But it IS attractive as an entry into the automotive market space for them...
  13. Fixed Rear Window

    This ‘gentleman’ won’t last long here. Not enough rocks and wooden clubs for him. And no doubt he misses the dirt floor he’s used to stomping his foot on. Ignore the troll.
  14. LIMESTONE Rivian Club

    Is this limestone?
  15. LIMESTONE Rivian Club

    Looks similar to the Lunar Rock on a 2021 Tundra. And it looks good on the Tundra - in very high demand.
  16. R1T named 1 of 3 finalists for 2022 North American Truck Of The Year

    Strictly from a versatility point of view I'd have to give it to the Rivian. I don't really know what their criteria is though so ...
  17. Can we be honest with each other - what benefit does a Rivian have over upcoming EVs?

    ^this. I've never been comfortable with any of the offerings out there. They all require some sort of sacrifice. Sacrifices I was loath to make. I like to camp, but not in a tent on the ground, so we would have to tow a trailer, but I can't store a trailer on my property (HOA's) so now I have...
  18. So how long before you lose your flashlight?

    I kinda am also. But, those batteries are fairly hard to come by right now so I imagine Rivian uses every single one they can source for the battery packs. Maybe down the road when things settle down they will offer it.
  19. Porsche releases $134,650 Taycan GTS Sport Turismo, is slower than R1T at half the price!

    @Arthur Itiz: If you every make it out to Denver we will take that drive, weather allowing. Over the past 10 years, I have done that drive in a BMW X5, a supercharged v-8 full sized Range Rover, a 2016 Tesla Model S, a 2017 Tesla Model X, a 2019 Tesla Model S, a 2019 Audi e-Tron, a 2020...