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  1. Rivian_Hugh_III

    Why the 6-month delay from Oct ‘21 to Mar ‘22?

    I found myself wondering if they might need one more winter to get the charging curves right. Also I'll bet they're improving various parts that others have mentioned -- cameras, tonneau, the cheap latches on the gear tunnel platforms (that you pull to access the first aid kit, for example)...
  2. Rivian_Hugh_III

    What are you sacrificing to stay below the $80,000 tax break threshold?

    So you’re This was my assumption as well—that the MSRP will be all-in, including options. From another thread I believe I’ve heard that California interpreted MSRP for the purposes of their EV incentives to be the base model. Whatever led them to do this, people seem to be betting that the IRS...
  3. Rivian_Hugh_III

    Rivians approach to model year: traditional or iterative (Tesla-like)?

    I'm a late preorder holder -- Sep 2021. I figure I'll get my R1T in late 2022 or more likely 2023. Which makes me wonder what options might be available by that time. Will there be: New wheel options? New electrostatic roof? New body style, headlights, interior? New gear tunnel options...
  4. Rivian_Hugh_III

    Why the 6-month delay from Oct ‘21 to Mar ‘22?

    From the recently shared delivery windows it looks like customer deliveries of Launch Edition R1T’s won’t happen until March 2022. What do you think is going on behind the scenes to cause this delay?
  5. Rivian_Hugh_III

    Rivian: Updated Web Site

    Seems like they changed the Configurator for deposit holders. The background is now white instead of black.
  6. Rivian_Hugh_III

    What are you sacrificing to stay below the $80,000 tax break threshold?

    My ideal R1T costs more than the $80,000 MSRP threshold for the $7,500 tax break. Maybe yours does too? What are you willing to sacrifice to keep your truck in incentive territory? If prices climb in the new year to keep up with inflation, what more will you put on the fire for free cash?
  7. Rivian_Hugh_III

    Captured Amazon Rivian Van doing deliveries

    Was the door about to open sideways, like a van's side door? I'd love to see the rest of the video...
  8. Rivian_Hugh_III

    Factory 22" Wheels on R1T Rivian - finally a real life look

    I had an Audi with nigh performance tires. The one strange effect was the car would get pulled and pushed sideways when the road was particularly uneven. For example, on a road that often has heavy trucks there were places where the road had ruts, almost like gullies, in the pavement. If I drove...
  9. Rivian_Hugh_III

    Long demo video of touchscreen display, UI, digital instrument cluster

    Spotify may have required that no external music be allowed. Also the data from these vehicles, including who is listening to what when, will become more and more valuable. It leads to a revenue stream, so there’s a disincentive for Rivian to allow the side-loading of music. My bet is Rivian...
  10. Rivian_Hugh_III

    Seattle Rivian First Mile Test Drive Event Impressions & Reviews - by Forum Members

    Where on the Rivian site did you sign up? I don’t see that option anywhere.
  11. Rivian_Hugh_III

    LIMESTONE Rivian Club

    In another thread @1973LT posted the following photo. Surely it couldn't possibly be or even remotely approximate.... Limestone?
  12. Rivian_Hugh_III


    I fold. I’ve got a pair of sixes. What you got?
  13. Rivian_Hugh_III

    LIMESTONE Rivian Club

    Maybe that’s why they’ve held it—because it’s close to Launch Green.
  14. Rivian_Hugh_III


    Nope, because Amazon is not building a car. Thus the sweetheart deal.
  15. Rivian_Hugh_III


    Rivian plans to give away zero business. Zero. Why send people to Apple, when they’re developing their own vehicle? Why let Android collect the data on listening habits and then sell products to YOUR customers in your own vehicle? Rivian will be the source for all sales in their vehicle. Since...
  16. Rivian_Hugh_III

    Fixed Rear Window

    I definitely understand. The bed opens surprisingly long with the gooseneck lift gate. Check it out if you haven’t already. From there it’s straps and red rags. Pretty sure it’ll be doable. Wait 10ft. Isn’t long enough for you? How long are we talking here? By the way, the interior is pretty...
  17. Rivian_Hugh_III

    Fixed Rear Window

    Shall I go on?
  18. Rivian_Hugh_III

    Video: Rivian R1T vs. Land Cruiser 100 -- UP THE DIABLO DROP-OFF

    It would be cool to be able to install an extended battery in the gear tunnel some day. I wonder what it would take to attach it to the main electrical system of the Rivian? I could also imagine a battery pack that could be backpacked into the bed of the truck. — I’m talking 10+ years down the line.