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  1. Tim-in-CA

    Garage Door Integration? Homelink?

    Although MyQ would be nice it is not as quick as RF Homelink and closing is a PITA! For safety purposes, when you close myq door with the app, the system beeps for about five seconds crazily to alert you that the door is about to close. Very annoying!
  2. Tim-in-CA

    Just touched Down in Bloomington-Normal...

    You mean you don't want your vehicle built in a circus-like environment?!?!
  3. Tim-in-CA

    Why the 6-month delay from Oct ‘21 to Mar ‘22?

    Because building vehicles, quality vehicles with consistency and in quantity is hard for a brand new manufacturer. This in combination with various supply constraints industry wide are affecting production ramp up for consumer (aka non-employee) deliveries.
  4. Tim-in-CA

    Rivian CS: R1T Adventure Package deliveries start March 2022. Non-LE pre-order holder delivery window emails coming by end of year

    Yes Virginia, there is a Santa Claus 🎅🏻 But unfortunately will likely turn out to be the Grinch! 🤢. I'm pushing my expectation for my R1S (non-LE) to early 23 at this point. ☹️
  5. Tim-in-CA

    Rivian Waypoint Chargers spotted in Yosemite

    Yea, that sign is gibberish and not even correct English! WTF?
  6. Tim-in-CA

    Cadillac Lyriq.

    in actuality, it’s really a station wagon. But that nomenclature is forbidden now, everything must be an SUV or crossover.
  7. Tim-in-CA

    Cadillac Lyriq.

    Yea, you’re probably correct on the frunk. The onboard charger likely puts out a lot of heat. I too noticed the small door handle, which he doesn’t use, and also noticed that the button to open the door which looks like a fake door handle actually deflects inward, I thought it was touch...
  8. Tim-in-CA

    Cadillac Lyriq.

    This is the first time I’ve seen the space inside of the front hood/Frunk area. With the rear wheel drive debut edition, it looks like there is some space that could have been made for a small Frunk. But that space is probably going to be used up by the front Drive unit when they launch the...
  9. Tim-in-CA

    When did Rivian know that they would miss their production targets?

    Intend gives them wiggle room to hit or not hit ... I believe that they will hit this very low bar target.
  10. Tim-in-CA

    When did Rivian know that they would miss their production targets?

    Intend is the key word in the above statement. Intend ≠ Will ... these documents are written by lawyers who know how to craftily wordsmith them to CYA.
  11. Tim-in-CA

    Asked to "verify" my Hummer EV Edition 1 order

    Hopefully that is the case and they are not stringing you along. This should be how all special orders are implemented. Once price is agreed upon, the ordering dealer cannot pull a switcheroo and try to bilk you and hope you cave in desperation. If the dealer had the threat the the vehicle...
  12. Tim-in-CA

    Cadillac Lyriq.

    I have a reservation in for a Lyriq and will consider upgrading my Model S as they are approx the same size and the MS will be out of the 48month warranty in April. But I fully expect that the dealer will tack on some ridiculous ADM and I will have to pass. The interior is very nice and a...
  13. Tim-in-CA

    Asked to "verify" my Hummer EV Edition 1 order

    That's when your dealer will inform you of the mandatory dealer ADM of $15K. Don't want it? ... they already have someone else lined up who will take it unfortunately.
  14. Tim-in-CA

    8 business days until Thanksgiving… are LE preorder holders getting contacted by our guides?

    Yep ... It has gotten so bad that I had to enable the feature to ignore all calls that aren't on my contact list. I guess if someone REALLY wants to contact you, they will leave a voice message (and not an automated one that my car warranty is about to EXPIRE! 😱)
  15. Tim-in-CA

    Factory 22" Wheels on R1T Rivian - finally a real life look

    Would be good to see what the 21's look like with the inserts removed and understand the impact to range. EDIT : A quick google search of the Model 3 Aero wheel covers revealed a test that Car and Driver did which resulted in approx 3.4% range improvement with the covers vs the exposed...
  16. Tim-in-CA

    FOREST EDGE Rivian Interior Photos

    ‘Yes, agreed. But if Hyundai/Genesis can do it on an SUV that starts at $50k (GV80), would have been good if Rivian had as well. Apparently they tried in the show car, but the bean counters won ☹️
  17. Tim-in-CA

    FOREST EDGE Rivian Interior Photos

    i mean the steering wheel itself. Some of the random banner pix on here show a two tone steering wheel rim. Here‘s a pic from the banner:
  18. Tim-in-CA

    FOREST EDGE Rivian Interior Photos

    Wish they kept the steering wheel two tone. Ive seen it gray/green in other pix
  19. Tim-in-CA

    Long demo video of touchscreen display, UI, digital instrument cluster

    Would’ve been a lot better without the stupid background music added in! makes it very distracting and difficult to hear the demo person speak.