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  1. JeepersAlley

    Real Life Photos of the Rivian Wheels / Rims Options [Compilation]

    I’m thinking the 20” brights, kinda look like, Ehem! Capt. America’s shield, so I’m all in on those. Lol.
  2. JeepersAlley

    Motor Trend - Rivian R1T: Electrifying the Outdoors - Final Leg (5) posted

    Thanks for compiling all 5 episodes. That’s a trip I now want to take.
  3. JeepersAlley

    Removable Roof Option

    This is the first I’m hearing the removable roof would be solid. 😒 I am waiting for the removable roof and the extended battery option, so either way, it’ll be a while.
  4. JeepersAlley

    Kayak/Canoe problem foreseen!

    On my Gladiator set up, it allowed me to remove the roof panels and/or entire roof and still carry all my stuff.
  5. JeepersAlley

    Kayak/Canoe problem foreseen!

    I have been hoping for the same telescoping feature. Great call out in the design pics from a background. My feeling is perhaps they will come up with a way to use Yakima’s truck bed racks, on the Rivian bed rail points. Here is my gladiator setup I hope to replicate.
  6. JeepersAlley

    Rivian Official Video: The Long Weekend Wyoming

    Lol, I was saying I will be unloading several of my personal Jeep’s, to pay for the Rivian. I may only keep 1 of my half dozen. I’m still buying some now, to hopefully flip in 12 months. We’ll see how lucky I can get.
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    Rivian Official Video: The Long Weekend Wyoming

    Thank you for giving me some insight. I was just curious as to what kind of info people were seeking and felt it hadn’t been answered yet. You have good points. We don’t need an itemized back and forth about this, but I feel about 50% of your questions have been answered. One of which is the...
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    Rivian Official Video: The Long Weekend Wyoming

    Lol, I guess I did. It was a way for me to get the types of in answered Questions/info, that so many are asking for, but not sharing such questions. Like what Cohall just gave on the next reply, Good stuff BTW. To be clearer, I don’t need more info to confirm. My R1T can’t come soon enough in...
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    Poll: Rivian Factory Delivery & Tour

    I was just on a road trip w my daughter, picking up 2 Jeep’s I bought, from Green Nay and St. Louis. So I made a night time stop at the Rivian factory to just lay my eyes on it. Hoping for a sneak peak of course, but no luck. It is a massive facility. Anyway, what I found to do in the area was...
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    Rivian Official Video: The Long Weekend Wyoming

    I have to say, I’m kinda confused by the statements saying, needing/wanting more info., etc. I guess it’s me, but what other info is needed to make a decision? They have shared plenty of specs for me to buy one of these for an everyday work(not construction) and play vehicle. The only specs...
  11. JeepersAlley

    Anyone considering the Nikola Badger alternative?

    Hello all. I had 2 reservations for the badger and after the badger and the December event was cancelled till further notice I figured I may as well ask for my money back. It took me a while to pull the trigger but I did. I used the info that I got in my order confirmation email that had a link...
  12. JeepersAlley

    Find your Rivian Order Number & Post it Here!

    Now that’s looking at the glass half full. I like it. Also, my bride was unaware too, for the rivian order and “My” Model 3, which bit me in the ass, because she took it for herself as soon as it was delivered. Funny how that happens.
  13. JeepersAlley

    Find your Rivian Order Number & Post it Here!

    6/7/19 If I use the graph on page 1. I’m around 12/13k I guess. So that’s cool.
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    Fully Charged covers Long Way Up and Rivian & R1T

    I am impressed at the rivian crew ability to fix on scene and from a continent away sometimes.
  15. JeepersAlley

    Road show

    Does anyone know if Rivian has any on display to see, if one were to stop by the HQ/factory?
  16. JeepersAlley

    Email update on Rivian Configurator, Financing, Brand Store

    When reserved my model three, which was an hour before they even had the world event, I waited 2 1/2 years for me to get the product. I only got the configurator about three months prior to me physically owning it. In my opinion ordering cars online direct to consumer, Is still getting the kinks...
  17. JeepersAlley

    Fully Charged covers Long Way Up and Rivian & R1T

    Most of us on the forum will look at it as we get to see an early version of what we are buying and think that Rivian will use this as a way to make changes before production. A person that is not into BEVs will think that these pickups and SUVs are unreliable and not ready for them to make the...
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    Fully Charged covers Long Way Up and Rivian & R1T

    I mean, seriously... Did you notice when the hood was popped that there was a whole lot of crap where the frunk should have been? Things were tacked on wherever they could get it done fast - these Long Way Up trucks are not production spec. Took the words right out of my mouth. I am not...
  19. JeepersAlley

    Reservations About My Reservation

    This is my story too. Exactly. Lol