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  1. pangpang77

    Tire wear - how soon are people changing them?

    Read an article about people needing to change tires fairly frequently on EVs. What have all of you observed? I have the 21” road tires. Here’s the article...
  2. pangpang77

    Motor Fault Detected - Error after 5 days away not charging / driving

    I went away for about 5 days and didn't charge or drive the R1S. When I came home and tried to start the car, it gave me a Motor Fault Detected, unable to drive, and told me to call a tow truck. I did a hard reset to try to get rid of the message by holding the left button on the steering...
  3. pangpang77

    Impressions on rental Mercedes EQS 450+ SUV 7-seater vs. the R1S

    I had to take a weekend trip to Houston with my family of 5 and rented a Mercedes EQS 450+ SUV 7-seater from Budget. I got what I felt was a pretty good deal at $60/day, $85 taxes included. Not bad for a car that retails for $104,400. Here's the link to the MB website...
  4. pangpang77

    My EV Sportline CarPlay Display Hidden Wires Install

    I got my CarPlay unit from EV Sportline yesterday. There are other threads, but just wanted to provide my perspective. I had a couple of twists that may make it a bit of a different install 1) I hid the wires under the dash panel (similar to the mount for the unit) across to the driver’s side...
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    Aston Martin and Porsche Preview Next Gen CarPlay

  6. pangpang77

    Rivian Aluminum License Plate with Name and Logo Installed Pics

    I purchased a set of black aluminum license plate frames off eBay...
  7. pangpang77

    3D Maxpider Seatback Protector (3rd row) installed pics

    I was looking for a solution to protect the back of the third row seat backs as I need to move a digital piano and guitars every week that requires the 3rd row seats to be down. They sell the full floor liner, but I put the seats up and down so often the seat back solution would be better. I...
  8. pangpang77

    TWRAPS Mud Guards Installed on R1S Pics

    I purchased the mud guards from TWRAPS. It’s slightly updated now with both sides being Satin instead rough on one side. https://twraps.com/products/mud-flaps-for-rivian-r1t-r1s Install was pretty straight forward. There were two screws that ended up being a bit short given now it had to also...
  9. pangpang77

    Additional Second Row Cupholders DIY Mod -- dual cupholder added to center console

    One of the shortcomings I think of the R1S is that there are not enough cupholders. Especially this is meant for families. So yes, I purchased the under dash tray from BestEVMod that has two cupholders so I have four up front now. However, for the second row, there are only two in the center...
  10. pangpang77

    3D Maxpider 3rd row seat back mat

    Has anyone tried these before? Do they just stay on all the time with Velcro? https://nightmotorsport.com/3d-maxpider-rivian-r1s-2022-2023-kagu-black-floor-mat-seat-back-protector-q1ri0011309/?sku=3D-Q1RI0011309&srsltid=AfmBOorDg3LBK1UT3970SHtitXYGNiXuO5jXMsZRJIkEHsK4N5egJZiwr-E I already...
  11. pangpang77

    Vantrue 4N Pro 4K Triple Dash Cam with Rear View Mirror Power Tap -- installed review & photos

    I purchased and installed the Vantrue 4N Pro 4K Triple Dash Cam with GPS tracking from Amazon to allow for license plates to be captured. That's the issue with the inbuilt Drive Cam. As I just got my R1S, it doesn’t come with the 12v under dash power. I tried to power the camera with the...
  12. pangpang77

    Sun shade for R1S

    Hi, Does anyone have a gray front and rear sun shade for Ocean Coast interior? I know most people use them for summer months but has anyone tried it in the winter time to keep out the cold? How effective is that? Thanks!
  13. pangpang77

    Software Update Enhancement Requests

    Hi all, Having taken delivery of the R1S about 2 weeks ago, I must say there are some really cool features I haven't seen in other cars, such as the proximity garage door opening. What a great idea. But I also have some functionality enhancement requests. I don't know what the formal process...
  14. pangpang77

    My Limestone OC R1S with: chrome-delete/powder-coated 21s, CarPlay screen/hi-def dashcam and misc. accessories

    Hi All, It's been over two years and I finally got my delivery last week. I had plenty of time to lurk around this forum as I waited for the car and there were a few things I knew I wanted to address for my build based on everyone's feedback. 1) I knew I wanted the chrome-delete look. i. So I...
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    Just got the R1S this past week. Is it just me or is the only option to see the odometer is in the about screen? There’s so much empty space in the gauge cluster screen, why not put it there like 99.9% of all the cars in the world?
  16. pangpang77

    R1S Third Row

    Can anyone who actually owns one post pics or comments on the third row usability? I thought I saw a video where RJ mentions he fits in the 3rd row comfortably and he's 6'1. But I haven't seen anything about it. One of the main reasons I'm looking at the R1S is hoping the 3rd row is usable...