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  1. ⚡️ Rivian announces: March Tesla Supercharger access & free NACS adapters!

    What happens to RAN buildup? Is Rivian going to keep building. Would it be for Rivian only.
  2. Electrify America unveils Indoor Flagship Charging Station (opened Feb 9, 2024)

    Harrison Street (San Francisco) Station Facts First-of-its-kind indoor flagship charging station 20 Hyper-fast chargers – balanced to provide up to 350 kW Two temperature-controlled lounge areas with food and beverage vending options Complimentary high-speed Wi-Fi Open 24/7 with round-the-clock...
  3. Rivian patents a R1T mobile movie projector kit (w/ projector, screen, speaker)

    They’re just working on making the list longer. 😊
  4. Rivian patents a R1T mobile movie projector kit (w/ projector, screen, speaker)

    That will be nice after a meal prepared from the Camp Kitchen. Maybe they can work on that as well? 😁
  5. EA Pass+ ?

    It’s 25% savings from the per kwh price posted on the charger unit.
  6. EA Pass+ ?

    It’s a month to month subscription. Cancel anytime. If you only want 1 month, immediately cancel after you subscribe. It will automatically end after 30 days.
  7. EA Pass+ and pricing change update

    It appears EA did NOT increase the monthly EA+ subscription to $7. I canxed mine before it renewed in Aug because i was convinced I don’t have to use EA any longer since Tesla per-kwh rates has been less than or close to $0.36 that EA charges and it’s always available… … until last...
  8. Frequency of totaled Rivians

    Not to mention… it’s an adventure vehicle.
  9. 17 AUG: EA Pass+ Increase and Pricing Model Change

    I hope the price increase will come with the much desired improvements. I cancelled my Pass+ for now since I can get lower (or almost the same) price/Kwh through Tesla without subscribing. I’d like to see how this change gets implemented first and i would rather not be subscribed at this roll...
  10. R1S second row seats are laughably hard to manipulate

    The adventure begins with the use of R1T/S. It’s an adventure vehicle. 😁
  11. EA Pass+ and pricing change update

    For the first time since i started using EA to charge my Tesla (over a year ago), I easily opted to charge using the Tesla SC. Even still on a $4/month EA subscription, either of the 2 tesla SCs I can use are cheaper than EA (I have access to 2 EA chargers near the 2 tesla SCs.). Since the EA...
  12. Free Volta Charging - Easy, no app

    I have but it’s been a while. They have an app but not required to charge (if I remember correctly). Slow but if you’re in store and shopping anyway. Volta seems to be more reliable than EA. 😁
  13. EA Pass+ and pricing change update

    Along those lines, somehow my electric utility company knows my ev charger usage st home though i did not apply for TOU or registered my Chargepoint with them. I assume somehow Chargepoint feeds the util co a signal of some sort that identifies the electricity usage.
  14. EA Pass+ and pricing change update

    IMHO, we need all and more networks… but tough to patronize one that isn’t reliable. Whst is Tesla SC’s secret sauce that EA can’t do?!!!
  15. EA Pass+ and pricing change update

    Tesla can be expensive but at least you know you can successfully charge at any location. EA is getting as expensive and no assurance that you can charge there.
  16. EA Pass+ and pricing change update

    … but how would they know the charge is for EV charging?
  17. EA Pass+ and pricing change update

    On top of charger reliability, number of EVs waiting to charge is becoming an issue.
  18. EA Pass+ and pricing change update

    At $7/mo subscription and variable (25%) charging rate, EA is probably getting close to (hopefully not more than) what Tesla charges. What EA doesn’t offer is consistency and reliability. So this price increases/change may no longer make EA a viable choice for me and will probably make me...
  19. 2022 Launch Edition VIN Assignment - Need Help

    You might want to confirm as that is not the same information i got WRT R1 Shop choice and changing ones mind on a chosen config/VIN. However, it may also be on a case by case basis based on reason/justification l.