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  1. Refreshed Gear Shop and...hmm

    Canoo has some dope stuff and they haven't produced anything yet
  2. R1S Impressions @ 500mi

    Good write up, I too drive a Model Y as my daily driver for the past 3.5 yrs. We've had a DM R1S in Canyon Red (great color! Especially in the vsunlight.) for 8 days now. The biggest niggle I have is the proximity locking/unlocking. It's VERY sporadic at best, and often I need to put...
  3. R1S Down for The Count

    Jimmy likes Elaine…….
  4. First Rivian Service Center officially open in NJ (Mahwah)!

    Picked up a R1S today, great people there, very accomadating, very smooth delivery, car looked great, a few small issues that were taken care of right there
  5. Is this the R2 spotted in the wild?

    Ha! That's a good one too! Next thing you're gonna say is some guy from South Africa started an electric car company and has plans to colonize Mars! Ha! Love these crazy conspiracy theories. Sorry, gotta go now and put another layer of tinfoil on my chapeau.
  6. Is this the R2 spotted in the wild?

    Wait. What? What about the grassy knoll? Next thing you're gonna say is there is some crazy conspiracy theory about how there was a 2nd shooter. I couldn't even begin to think about that. 🤪
  7. NEW R1S - Door Alignment GAP - Acceptable or am I Picking Nits?

    I wouldn't be happy with that, I have delivery this week, I'll make sure to look at my door alignment
  8. Can we talk about Rivian Swag in the Gear Shop?

    Hate to say it but most of it is over priced trash. Wouldnt be caught dead in it… and Gary? Really? Cant we so any better than a childish cartoon?
  9. Normal Plant Drone Footage from Feb 10, 2024

    I've seen a few in CT
  10. Normal Plant Drone Footage from Feb 10, 2024

    Why the hell are there so many undelivered EDV's? That doesn't make any sense
  11. Shop Lead Time Estimates vs Reality

    I found my configuration on 1/31 and expect delivery week of 2/19. Car was born on 2/2 and was put on a train today. 2024 DM large, Red Canyon R1S on '21's
  12. Finally charged at a Tesla Magic Dock Supercharger

    Remember even at a supercharger the posts share power, always try to find a post not next to anyone else, plus this is just good charging etiquette
  13. any new R1S VIN numbers showing up this quarter?

    Got a 36xxx R1S from the shop today, dual motor, large pack canyon red on 21's and yup, it's a 2024
  14. December 2023 / January 2024 Delivery Window - No Car in Sight

    Honestly, there really isn’t that many configurations. One would think that they can knock out a configuration every few days. This week we’re running blue, next week we’re running red, etc. the skateboard itself is really simple too. Dual motor, quad motor, large, max, that’s it! Wheels...