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  1. Finally installed new tires (21” Pirelli Scorpions) last week!

    Any issues with your tires as running in conserve is not good for them long term
  2. Severe Damage Found Replacing Tonneau Cover Not Disclosed to Buyer

    How did you find out a year or more after buying it?
  3. My experiences with Major issue while traveling

    So the whole battery pack was replaced?
  4. Fourth R2S teaser shows rear lightbar and roof spoiler!

    May 90kWh since they have 15kWh modules - 90, 105, 135. Or maybe a different pack.
  5. Edmunds Cybertruck Range Test: 334 Miles

    This 40mpg average test is useful since Lot of suburban driving is around this speed. Fair to have several range test results.
  6. RJ's confidence the past few days

    Munro was a consultant - lean design is a good idea. Makes sense for R2 to make it easier to build, more serviceable and repairable.
  7. Front Trunk Hooks by TWRAPS

    Ordered. Look great and should be very helpful.
  8. Rivian Layoff 10% Staff and Lowers Production Forecast for 2024

    If being bought happens BMW would be a good option (although not clear if they have $10 billion to buy the company). It would compliment their existing portfolio of Lucy vehicles (BEV and ICE). And give them an outdoors brand like Subaru, Jeep and Land Rover. worldwide sales and improved...
  9. Rivian Layoff 10% Staff and Lowers Production Forecast for 2024

    Definitely agree not a great idea to sandbag the production number. I think they did that because they wanted to be sure how long the planned shutdown turns out to be and whether the efficiency gains actually pan out. If they do I then expect an upgrade to the target mid year to something in the...
  10. Rivian Layoff 10% Staff and Lowers Production Forecast for 2024

    I would be surprised if production was that low for both Q2 and Q3. I haven’t heard how long the shutdown is but 4 or so weeks seem reasonable. Part of the reason for the shut down in additional to cost savings was a more efficient line arrangement so they should do better than Q4 2023...
  11. Rivian Layoff 10% Staff and Lowers Production Forecast for 2024

    Completely agree the Normal factory will be nowhere near full production for a long time. I thought there had been talk of expanding it to 200k.
  12. Rivian Layoff 10% Staff and Lowers Production Forecast for 2024

    Wow things must be bad since you have been a huge cheerleader for them on this forum. I agree with your general points. However charging for data subscription is going to raise less than $1M a month (70k vehicles at say $10 a month). Should be done but won’t really move the needle. The key...
  13. Rivian Layoff 10% Staff and Lowers Production Forecast for 2024

    Rivian will hopefully have a good R2 reveal and can report at the next quarterly call over 100k expressions of interest in the new vehicle. Then in W 3 once the shutdown has been completed they can raise their production targets. I think they are being conservative and allowing for the pre rial...
  14. How does Rivian calculate the mileage range when EPA numbers say it is much less

    You cannot use two weeks of driving during winter to extrapolate. When it gets warmer you will get closer to the EPA multiple owners and auto reviewers get or exceed the EPA figures.
  15. R2 confirmed for UK / Europe market

    India will be low down the list since it is a very small market for EVs and expensive vehicles. Tesla do very poorly there.
  16. RAN Rivian Charging Stations Locations Map via Google Maps

    No one disorder them all in 2021 but when putting an order off for the first batch you give the vendor your plans for the next few years so they can make sure demand is factored in. Hitting 10% of the estimate (post COVID) is poor.
  17. 2/16: Georgia Factory Drone Video

    It’s a big state but it is a large site and good communication/train links
  18. 2/16: Georgia Factory Drone Video

    There had been some hope of a late 2025 start of production but not looking likely unfortunately. Already one year behind schedule.
  19. Rivian hires new Chief Marketing Officer from Meta/Amazon

    Which is related to marketing and previously the communication VP role that someone else took. Tony is stuck in his role and we don’t hear from him anymore either.