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  1. srnyoung

    Is this an R2?

    On their earnings call, they announced there would only be one model with a few variations. Given that we've clearly seen a CUV profile, no R2Ts will be made. As others have said, they may be testing R2 bits in this camouflaged R1T shell.
  2. srnyoung

    Rivian was listed among Consumer Reports "Worst Car Brands for 2024"

    I think there are several things at play: CR is playing both sides. Wasn't R1S the car of the year last year? Now dropped precipitously in "reliability" however they measure that. However, maybe it took a year for the problems to show up in their surveys? Rivian definitely has a problem with...
  3. srnyoung

    Rivian was listed among Consumer Reports "Worst Car Brands for 2024"

    Didn't it take them like 6+ months to get your car into "perfect" condition to deliver it to you after they said you'd have it? I believe stories like that is why they got this rating.
  4. srnyoung

    What's your R2 predictions?

    Someone over on Reddit said R2T was officially squashed during the recent earnings call. I hadn't seen that mentioned here but maybe I missed it?
  5. srnyoung

    Saved so much $$$ buying a Rivian 😂

    I understand. That still means you came up with a total electrical need per day and spec'd your system for that. (Hopefully you didn't overbuild your system so much that you can still be net positive even after adding the EV.) So, do the math for us, how much energy does it supply per year...
  6. srnyoung

    Saved so much $$$ buying a Rivian 😂

    Are those of you with solar saying your panels were free? Do you not have a breakeven per kWh cost for the panels?
  7. srnyoung

    R2 colors at reveal event?

    This. Can't imagine too many new additions without running afoul of ol' Munro. K.I.S.S.
  8. srnyoung

    Traded in my R1T for an F150 Lightning

    Genuine question for OP and anyone else who cares to chime in, no malice intended; what's the fascination with cupholders? Like, how many cup-shaped things are y'all carrying? I agree that another glove box type spot might be nice and maybe some built-in dividers for the existing storage. That...
  9. srnyoung

    Colorado and Rivian

    Every time I leave my neighborhood ("less nice" part of Portland - whatever...) I see 2 or 3 Rivs. Yesterday, 2 Ts and 2 Ss on my drive to SE. Neither of the S drivers waved, btw. Maybe we need a poll: who waves more, T drivers or S drivers? Oh, and, pertinent to the thread, we all know the...
  10. srnyoung

    Dogs and Rivians 🐾

    We got one from Orvis - no window, just open to the front. It looks like they don't have the exact same one but it's similar to this one. It's held up great in ~10 months. Easy to remove for washing. We also got the foam extenders to give them a bigger flat space.
  11. srnyoung

    Change CCS to NACS port?

    I can't imagine Rivian choosing to make their own in-house charging network difficult to use just so they can have access to a competitor's charging network.
  12. srnyoung

    Driver+ disengages every time I move my hand

    I expect the robots think you are cranking to the right ("slight pull") and so disengages. Get the alignment done and let us know!
  13. srnyoung

    A Shot at Rivian? Scout President says Scout will have “real buttons”

    Bologna. You could easily put 3-5 buttons/knobs adjacent to a screen and program them to do different things based on what's on the screen. Pretty straightforward and makes each button have nearly infinite uses. If each can turn and press, you've got a ton of functionality that's easier to use...
  14. srnyoung

    Poll - Do you plan to place R2 Reservation for $100?

    I didn't realize that about NACS - that it doesn't support V2X charging and shore power. That may actually be a deal-killer for me. I fully expect to be able to use the R1's battery next winter if/when the power goes out again. And, I'm surprised that hasn't been mentioned [at all? more?] in...
  15. srnyoung

    Camp Speaker not charging?

    Try pulling it out and pushing it back in to seat it fully. It charges fine in the dock. You can ALSO charge it with a cord if the R1 isn't available or you want to keep on rockin' in the free world. Or, complain louder.
  16. srnyoung

    Now they tell us!

    I think this is exactly what Musky envisioned when his 8 year-old self drew the first sketch. Us plebes will need something to drive after he takes his harem to Mars on the B.A.R. (Or, he'll need somewhere to hide from the pitchforks when capitalism fails first.)
  17. srnyoung

    Poll - Do you plan to place R2 Reservation for $100?

    I said "no but..." Love our current 'stable' of R1T + eGolf; Road-tripper beast that can tow the camper and sporty (relatively) efficient daily commuter. We'll eventually upgrade the eGolf to a somewhat longer range EV but no rush for now. And, I'm really happy with where we ended up with the...
  18. srnyoung

    Is this the R2 spotted in the wild?

    I HOPE this isn't the R2. I certainly don't think "ADVENTURE VEHICLE" when I see a Ford Flex but this is equally short, squat and long. I can imagine a charge port change to L rear (opposite corner) since that still matches the RAN chargers if you back in (and you could still pull through...
  19. srnyoung

    Things about Rivians

    Never had water in my doors. My tailgate fills with water if left open in the rain but it pours out when you shut it again. I can't imagine putting [messy stuff like mulch or gravel] in my bed without a tarp. Same has been true for all the previous pickups I've owned. It's just so much easier...
  20. srnyoung

    R2 Reservation Info ($100), Reveal Event Date and Page now on Rivian Website [Updated w/ R2 Teaser Video]

    Some thoughts predictions based on this teaser: Only an R2 SUV will be produced - "Our newest vehicle" (no plural) (I'm very disappointed if this proves to be true.) It will still have adjustable suspension - looks like it's kneeled based on biggish tires going pretty high into the fender. It...