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  1. pangpang77

    Best Color to Not Show Dirt

    Another vote for Limestone. It’s really great at hiding dirt.
  2. pangpang77

    RealWheels EV Horn Upgrade Kit - Review & Sound Clips Videos

    When will the passenger side version be available?
  3. pangpang77

    Watch as a key?

    Sorry for your loss. We also lost a key fob for our Ioniq 5 and it cost $400 including programming 😱😡🙄 Ironic for this topic but we have AirTags on all of our key fobs now…
  4. pangpang77

    3D Maxpider 3rd row seat back mat

    I posted a thread on this. https://www.rivianforums.com/forum/threads/3d-maxpider-seatback-protector-3rd-row-installed-pics.22444/
  5. pangpang77

    Perfect characterization of the "flagship" horn

    Living in Jersey and driving to NYC often a loud audible horn is a must have for safety reasons. The R1 has the whimpiest horn of all cars I’ve owned in the last 20 years. It cant even beat my daughters Bomt EUV. A poor decision from Rivian. They could have done better. The RealWheels one...
  6. pangpang77

    New Jersey Rivian Owners - EV Charger Incentive?

    I canceled my Rivian charger order and got a ChargePoint instead specifically because the Rivian one was not on the list. I applied and have received my $250 check for the ChargePoint.
  7. pangpang77

    Paint the wheel black

    Yes, here’s mine with the powder coated 21s https://www.rivianforums.com/forum/threads/my-limestone-oc-r1s-with-chrome-delete-powder-coated-21s-carplay-screen-hi-def-dashcam-and-misc-accessories.21502/ I went to staticcoatings.com in Lodi NJ. Really great job. I paid $600 with their holiday...
  8. pangpang77

    Electrify America unveils Indoor Flagship Charging Station (opened Feb 9, 2024)

    People sit in their cars anyway. What a waste of investment dollars. They should use the money to make sure there’s not at least one broken stall in all their stations…. If would be money much better spent.
  9. pangpang77

    R1 refresh prototypes spotted with new hardware?

    Blind spot camera that flashes image on screen when signaling?
  10. pangpang77

    RealWheels EV Horn Upgrade Kit - Review & Sound Clips Videos

    Link is up, spoke with Real Wheels, they said passenger side version should be available soon. https://realwheelsev.com/products/rivian-suv-r1s-truck-r1t-air-horn-with-mount
  11. pangpang77

    Am I missing something... are people uneducated about EVs and won over by free charging?

    I've had an Ioniq 5 for 2 years and driven over 33,000 miles on free charging from EA. I've saved $2k-$4k depending on how you look at it. Yes, it's a pain to wait in line (especially the last 6 months), but it's money saved for the time spent. Yes, I am educated about EVs (own 3 of them)...
  12. pangpang77

    Non-functioning driver window

    Had the same issue after the freezing rain we got. Maybe the motor burnt out. Mine is at the shop for a motor fault, but they said they will fix the window too. Sounds like it's not an uncommon issue.
  13. pangpang77

    Rivian Front Headlights Design

    I’ve always felt the Rivian is an evolution to the Jeep headlights. They just made it oval instead of round. But the horizontal strip of light on both sides of the headlight reminds me of the Jeep Wrangler.
  14. pangpang77

    Tire wear - how soon are people changing them?

    Read an article about people needing to change tires fairly frequently on EVs. What have all of you observed? I have the 21” road tires. Here’s the article...
  15. pangpang77

    My EV Sportline CarPlay Display Hidden Wires Install

    Congrats, I don’t think about the unit anymore after a few weeks of use. Feels very much a part of the car.
  16. pangpang77

    UPDATE - Aux Cup Holder Version 2

    Would the Front Door ones work on the rear door?
  17. pangpang77

    Motor Fault Detected - Error after 5 days away not charging / driving

    Unfortunately, I've been getting the "Motor Fault Detected" everyday. I have an appointment set for two weeks out. Meanwhile, Rivian has set me up with a rental car until they are able to bring me in. Will keep everyone posted on what the problem is.
  18. pangpang77

    CarPlay & Android Auto Smart Dash Screen has arrived! New from EVSportline.com

    Did you try to turn off proximity unlock/lock and just have it locked at home? See if that will shut it off. That will rule out that something is just keeping your truck awake and not going to sleep.