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  1. Delivery nightmare - please help!

    These days, I think the Onion might be the most reliable news source.
  2. Why do you want no regen in snow?

    Back in the day, it was recommended, in snow, to put automatic vehicles in neutral prior to stopping. This was because if you tried to use both, with a rear wheel drive vehicle, the fronts could lock and/or thr rears could spin since they were being driven by thr transmission. I could see this...
  3. Car Play Box?

    Im not sure about tbe Carplay box you are talking about but I mounted one of these on my motorcycles: It has a ram mount-like attachment that you could mount in The Rivian using one of these: It does the job and would do what you need but the screen is a bit small. There is a larger version...
  4. Power tonneau cover water protection -- water proof? water resistant?

    In general, tonneau covers are not waterproof and do let some water into the bed. As such, they will also let dust in.
  5. Can we turn interior camera off?

    I would agree... But, likely, upon signing for acceptance of your vehicle, you've also signed away your right to privacy. As more cars get "smarter" the consumer won't have any other options. This is where we are headed and are, in fact, already there with phones, emails, etc.... Remember...
  6. Definitely a big "NO" to mud flaps on the Rivian!

    Gotcha! I thought you were beimg lazy. 😃
  7. Efficiency tonneau closed vs. open. Has anybody reported this yet?

    Depends on who you ask: Consumer Reports says it decreases efficiency whereas AutoAnything says it will increase and Realtruck.com says it depends.
  8. Definitely a big "NO" to mud flaps on the Rivian!

    If your gonna do a photo shoot of your product, at least male sure the license plate is on straight:
  9. Coin fell down driver seat gap

    Just drop a magnet down there. It'll eventually stick!
  10. Tablet mount

    I use one of these on my motorcycle: I use it for a Galaxy Z Fold 3 but It says it holds an iPad as well. It's pretty rock-solid!
  11. DIY Hitch mounted spare tire swing-out carrier for R1T

    Zip-tied to one of the horizontal bars on the left side?
  12. R1T Rear Seating for 3

    Check these guys out: They've been travelling all over the place!
  13. Official email from Rivian offering Binding Purchase Agreement

    It brought me to thank you page and gave me the option to download a copy of the agreement.
  14. Rivian R1T vs F-150 Lightning Tug of War

    A few years ago: It was just a regular F-150. Or at least, not a Lightning.
  15. Rivian R1T vs F-150 Lightning Tug of War

    Entertaining to watch, but at the end of the day, this is as useful a test as Musk's Cybertruck vs F-150 tug-of-war.
  16. Can an ICE vehicle be jump started by a Rivian?

    Or you could just connect it to a battery maintainer and plug that into one of the 120V outlets. Then it's always ready to go.