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  1. tk21

    Spotify issues with 2023.50.1?

    Just polling to see if anyone else having sync/loading issues with Spotify since 2023.50.1. Going to certain podcasts on the main screen show “no content”, intermittent issues of no content or partial content and to get/play some podcasts or songs I have to start them on my phone account and it...
  2. tk21

    14 day backlog at Gaithersburg SC

    Just dropping off at Gaithersburg SC after a 3 month wait to address a number of issues from delivery (yes, they had to change locations…fine) Butttttt On drop off I get the “just forewarning, we are super backlogged and are telling folks at least 14 day’s minimum until your R1S might be...
  3. tk21

    12A only on 60A circuit?

    According to my app, my Rivian wall charger is only pulling 12A which I expected to pull a lot more. Showing 5mi/hr charge in truck/app. Thoughts? Setup: - 6AWG run ~ 15-20 ft from main breaker - 60A breaker - Default 48A (max) switch setting inside charger box; hardwired - not much at all...
  4. tk21

    Delivery Estimator Changing Yet Again?

    I was an April-June estimated delivery with access to the R1S Shop for a few months until last week when I dropped access. Yesterday my estimator went from April-June to Processing Estimate again. I thought this might be the signs I was headed to 8 steps then saw this email today. Any guesses...
  5. tk21

    Giga Casting Evolution - Rivian Should Take Note

    Great breakdown by Sandy on the evolution and why the “cost of quality” is better for the company…and us as shareholders/customers… to go the full casting route instead of shingled stamping like is done on R1’s today. Will be interesting to see if Rivian takes note, especially after the R1T...
  6. tk21

    Munro Live: R1T Frunk Teardown

    Sandy Munro Frunk teardown video…interesting insight to design and potential cost savings opportunities.
  7. tk21

    R1S’s seen on the line in the Time100 video

    Time stamp 2:11 and 2:23 from the Time Magazine shoot for 100 influential companies for 2022 video (there is another thread on it). Glad to see a hint of more R1S’s on the line. May have a chance of my June delivery! ??
  8. tk21

    R1S delay buried during earnings call?

    With all the lack of info on R1S and Mar/April windows here and crickets, who wants to bet a R1S delay gets slid/buried into the earnings call behind all the XXX number of R1Ts delivered this quarter (this week…)? I’m betting it gets hidden in noise of R1T and March 1 debacle but they have got...
  9. tk21

    Launch Green R1T Delivery Video

    Not my video. As a LG R1S preorder, I was concerned with the color showing a ton of smudges and this video shows a ton from the initial interest of people touching it. Thoughts?
  10. tk21

    Rivian Plant 2 in Fort Worth TX

  11. tk21

    Rivian OTA team engineering job listing

    https://www.linkedin.com/posts/rivian_ota-rivian-adventurousforever-activity-6828748852913324032-LWS_ update today on OTA updates. A team of dedicated engineers is building our Over-The-Air (OTA) updates technology, enabling us to continuously improve the experience for every owner. Our...