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  1. Aether Films - Rivian Video - "Go With The Flow"

    Looks like an add for California Tourism.
  2. Indy Rivian Club

    Hello Hoosiers. New to the club, but I’ve been on the forum for a while. I can’t wait to get my R1S but still undecided on color. Back and forth between Limestone and El Cap, both with black interior on 21s. Anyone know why the leasing option isn’t offered in Indiana?
  3. Rivian military veterans medallion

    TRUTH!!! Where would we be without them. Swimming in our own filth. I feel a Bud Light Real Men of Genius commercial coming on.
  4. Rivian military veterans medallion

    That’s pretty cool. I like the thought, but I kinda think the challenge coin should be kept to those within the military community. I feel like I’ve seen more and more non-military challenge coins out there that don’t really hold a lot of meaning. They look cool and I want one of these, lol, but...
  5. What I Think When Male Karens Complain

    Is the male version of a Karen considered to be a “Kyle”?
  6. California 2022 R1T Launch Ed, LA Silver/Black, 23k miles, off-road pkg w/Dark 20”. $68k

    How does the tire swap effect range? How much more are you getting?
  7. Too Hot to charge in NV, AZ

    What about installing some canopies with solar panels?! Could this be integrated to speed charging? I’m not super educated on how solar and charging stations might connect and work together. I know the heat could still be an issue with charging speeds, but something to think about.
  8. Filled in Rivian letters on wrist band

    I dig it man. What did you use? Paint marker?
  9. Rivian’s R1T Same Day Sales Event

    How was the event? Anyone go home with an S or did Rivian hold to their email and only sell Ts? Anybody have some info/pics of the event?
  10. Rivian’s R1T Same Day Sales Event

    Yeah, probably because of the long wait to even get one, the Ford Lightning, and now the ugly TST on the way.
  11. Rivian’s R1T Same Day Sales Event

    I got the same email. I live in Indianapolis and I’m a pending R1S owner. I wonder how many they’ll actually sell. I wonder if they’d let me do a test drive…. Hmmmm
  12. We're OK, but our R1T is not..... rear ended accident

    Make sure you grab all of your extra equipment you may have bought (ikamper, rubber floor mats, etc.)!! Some are forgetting them and having to buy them again.
  13. Indiana Rivian lovers?

    Less than 2 years. I guess it’s better than others. Thanks for the input.
  14. Indiana Rivian lovers?

    Did you test drive at all? I’m 6’4” 260lbs and I’m always reluctant to get a new vehicle due to comfort. When did you order? It doesn’t like there’s many Rivians in Indiana. I’m wondering if delivery time is delayed due to not many orders from the Hoosier state.
  15. Indiana Rivian lovers?

    Just curious if anyone from Indiana has purchased or ordered a R1S/T? We’re you able to test drive first? Can anyone test drive at the Normal facility? I’ve order an R1S, but still waiting on the shop access.