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  1. camaroz1985

    Pennsylvania Sold: 1EV Jack Puck Case

    Have an extra case for the 1EV jack pucks. Pefect if you ordered without, but now realize you need one. Like new. FREE, just pay shipping.
  2. camaroz1985

    Pennsylvania RiviParts Wireless Charging Pad Replacement

    I am selling my original RiviParts charging pad. This is the first design that is completely hidden. Assembled and ready to go. Worked great with my old phone, but my new phone has a large camera bump and doesn't sit flat so it won't lock in. Price is $50 plus shipping.
  3. camaroz1985

    Yakima (OEM Rack) SKS Lock Trade/Sale Thread

    First if this needs to be moved to classifieds, please do so, but I was hoping this could be an ongoing/evolving thread to help people in the future, instead of a one time thing for just myself. As my collection of cross bars and other mounts grows I would like to keep everything keyed the...
  4. camaroz1985

    Color-Matched Vinyl

    Just wanted to share, in case anyone is looking for vinyl to match different parts of your truck. Oracal Golden Yellow 651 is pretty close match to the brake calipers (Compass Yellow?) Also, VVivid Ultra Gloss Candy Charcoal Grey is a close match to the grey paint on the 21" wheels (maybe 20"...
  5. camaroz1985

    Extension before or after EVSE?

    This past weekend had to charge at my in-laws. The only way to reach the truck from their only 240V plug (30A dryer plug) was to use a 50 amp RV extension cord, and plug the Rivian EVSE into that. It worked fine (truck set to 24A), and this will only be a once a month setup, but that got me...
  6. camaroz1985

    What Cargo Basket/Trays are People Using Over the Bed?

    I am looking at getting a cargo basket to use for some upcoming trips that I would like to mount on the cargo bars over the bed. I have seen the Yakima MegaWarrior and an Amazon aluminum basket being used. It looks like from the window to the rearmost part of the tailgate it would be 67-68"...
  7. camaroz1985

    DIY/How-To: Copy/Clone TPMS

    I know others have posted some details on this, but I wanted to give a little more detail now that I have bought the parts and tools and completed the copy. Really these pictures are more than you need, the tool walks you through everything. Disclaimer: I am not a trained mechanic or tire...
  8. camaroz1985

    Magnetic Tablet / iPad Holder Mounts installed: feedback, review, notes & photos

    We have all probably seen the video showing the magnetic tablet mount on the back of the headrest. Looked clean and relatively easy, but there was little information about it. I was also skeptical of the ability to hold a heavy tablet with a magnet. I ended up buying multiple mounts to try to...
  9. camaroz1985

    Can you charge 2 vehicles from one EA account at the same time?

    Due to a recent health issue with a family member, both my wife and I are driving our vehicles on vacation (me in the R1T, her in the ID.4). We will be stopping to charge together. We are signed into one EA account using the same email/password on both phones. Up until this point it hasn't been...
  10. camaroz1985

    Roof Wing for Towing?

    Don't have my R1T yet, but I just bought a new trailer that I will eventually tow with the R1T. It is a v-nose, but a pretty shallow v. Looking at it behind our Suburban got me thinking. Has anyone thought of putting one of those roof wings (marketed as "Turbowings") on the cargo bars on the...
  11. camaroz1985

    New Home for Rivian Gear

    Found it... I didn't really throw it away (though at the moment I wanted to). I still love the truck, but am not in love with the company at the moment. I haven't officially cancelled my order yet. I'm giving it a week or so to sink in, but if the prices are here to stay, I'm gone. I'm...