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  1. Mobius1

    R2 Price, Specs, Dimensions leaked!! $47500, 0-60 3 sec, 330 miles range

    Ya, but they generally would software restrict it and charge premium for boost like Tesla is doing. I don’t think they would undercut their higher model with similar performance specs right out of the gate.
  2. Mobius1

    R2 Price, Specs, Dimensions leaked!! $47500, 0-60 3 sec, 330 miles range

    I can’t imagine a 3 second r2 at that price when the lower end r1s don’t get that speed.
  3. Mobius1

    Mobile Service Tire Rotation a good deal at $60!

    Never tried them, will look into that if it’s free. Thanks
  4. Mobius1

    Mobile Service Tire Rotation a good deal at $60!

    I would totally use this service!! Better than driving to the SC in LA traffic and waiting.
  5. Mobius1

    Saved so much $$$ buying a Rivian 😂

    I’m in LA county and have SCE/CPA and my rate including fees is around $0.26-$0.27, per kWh with TOU-Prime D. Definitely cheaper than the Volvo XC90 we had. I calculated it to be roughly half to charge the R1S.
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    Cyber trucks in the wild- quick comment

    There was a truck load of them going up the I5 north of Los Angeles last week. Even at night on the other side of 10 lanes, you can’t miss how hideous they are.
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    New Rivian R2S Teaser Image! (2/24/24)

    Looked like a cartoon car from the shadow.
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    Unable to insert charger into my R1T

    Thought this was a joke when he mentioned the hand cream. Glad to hear it worked out for you! I guess I should stop telling my wife to get rid of all the hand cream from the door pockets.
  9. Mobius1

    How does Rivian calculate the mileage range when EPA numbers say it is much less

    I live is SoCal also and have 20” with ATs and over the past 6 months my lifetime avg is 2.09 mi/kWh over 6900 miles and 1.92 mi/kWh over the last 1800 miles, which includes a trip to Mammoth and a few trips to Mountain High. I really saw the difference in the mornings when the battery is...
  10. Mobius1

    EV Dave - ranting about Rivian's navigation/DC fast charging software

    I didn’t have the issue he is describing, but I did have issues with the route planning between app and in-car. I planned one leg of a trip so that I wouldn’t need to charge, but when I sent it to the car, it automatically added a charge back into the trip. Also, I had unchecked all chargers...
  11. Mobius1

    Service Appointments

    If it’s something urgent, call them. They will get you in sooner for urgent. I had to cancel an appointment last wee, but they were able to get me scheduled for my urgent issue in March and the panel adjustments for April.
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    Wow, that is the highest price I’ve heard. I’m pretty sure when I talked to the guy here, he mentioned around 8k, but maybe it wasn’t Xpel Stealth.
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    Woah! I’m gonna guess that’s just front end exposed areas, at that price. If it’s more, let me know who the installer is, if be interested.
  14. Mobius1

    How about a Rivian 'wink' from one Rivian to another?

    I tried the “wink”, with left turn signal a few times, but the other party didn’t even look. When we had a handful in the area, a guy waved as he was turning in front of me and I waved back, but that was the end of any interaction.
  15. Mobius1

    Minor damage repair estimate: $49,880!

    Isn’t Tesla doing the same with the giga press, one giant piece?
  16. Mobius1


    Welcome! Rivian has partnered with local shops to do the ppf they are advertising. I called a local shop in my area and he told me he is the official ppf shop for Rivian in our area. Like everyone else said, if it’s not coming factory applied then you will have better luck shopping locally.
  17. Mobius1

    Rivian App updated version released for iOS and Android

    I was able to add it to iPhone. Hopefully the widget works better than the shortcuts. They would work, but each time I would get an error message stating that it didn’t work.
  18. Mobius1

    R1S not charging from a dryer plug

    Could be a faulty adapter, since the plug works works for the dryer.
  19. Mobius1

    Credit card with cashback bonus for EV charging?

    I bank at Logix FCU in SoCal and if you have a relationship balance with them of over 100k, their credit card gives 3% on all purchases. This includes loan balances. Other banks may offer similar programs. Never considered the Costco card, will try next time I use EA or RAN.