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  1. tk21

    ⚡️ Rivian announces: March Tesla Supercharger access & free NACS adapters!

    It’s not weird at the urinal as long as you compliment their watch as you step in…
  2. tk21

    R1S Hitch - cotter pin alternatives?

    I use my locking one but have to wait to lock it until the chains are on or I can’t get the chain installed on that side.
  3. tk21

    Mobile Service Tire Rotation a good deal at $60!

    I’m having a hell of a time trying to find that floor jack stand on safejacks.coms website…discontinued?
  4. tk21

    It isn't just Rivians with "weak" tie rods

    …there’s a Pam Anderson joke in there somewhere…
  5. tk21

    R1T $7500 Tax Return with binding purchase agreement/2022 Amended Tax Return

    I amended my 2022 return and got the credit back with interest yesterday (albeit it’s been in their queue since July…). Your in service date should have been the 8/2022 date of the binding agreement. Might just be your AGI is the main problem if you put the delivery date of 8/22…. ***but I’m...
  6. tk21

    Is this the R2 spotted in the wild?

    FG is an R1S, I can see the LAS being an R2… photo does look a little suspect though
  7. tk21

    Rivian R2 reveal date (March 7) officially announced!

    Definitely could be. You’d wonder if they’d want to get away from the iconic lights in the vertical but possible with that marketing picture
  8. tk21

    Rivian needs to update software fix for backup camera freezing while backing out of garage (going from dark to bright lighting)

    Happens to me when going into the garage too - when car thinks it’s dark and turns on headlights. Almost scraped the wall a few times (tight parking situation)…super annoying. 50.1’s reverse throttle control is very coarse too which is annoying trying to back out of said tight spot. Software...
  9. tk21

    Spotify issues with 2023.50.1?

    Rog. Spotify hasn’t been great over the last year but not this buggy for me until now. Thanks for the feedback. Maybe they can fix it and mirror/add the “new episodes” tab under podcasts like the app…
  10. tk21

    Spotify issues with 2023.50.1?

    Just polling to see if anyone else having sync/loading issues with Spotify since 2023.50.1. Going to certain podcasts on the main screen show “no content”, intermittent issues of no content or partial content and to get/play some podcasts or songs I have to start them on my phone account and it...
  11. tk21

    Received Email: Software Update For Your Rivian Wall Charger Beginning Late November

    I just shot my guide a message to see if we could get a little clarity OTAs and what we “should be” running. I too am 01.47 and have had my charger since last May (it’s connected to WiFi and showing on the app).
  12. tk21

    Train Horn for Rivians

    Can’t be worse than our stock horns…at least this horn won’t be mistaken for a clown golf cart…
  13. tk21

    Received my $7,500 Tax Refund for Amended 2022 Return!

    They received my 1040X in May….still waiting…. called and they said they are looking at it but they are backlogged. But yet we pay penalties on top of our tax bill for each day we are late….
  14. tk21

    WDH for towing travel trailer

    I too use Anderson and pulled a 7500lb travel trailer like butter w my S
  15. tk21

    Please re-design or improve the Climate Control / AC Navigation Controls

    Ditto. Drives me nuts. Same with lack of fan speed changes while in Auto. Set to 68, it’s 110 outside, auto has it on fan speed 2 of 5….
  16. tk21

    Software Update 2023.42.0 is out (⚠️ UPDATE: OTA fix rolling out today 11/15/23)

    Is there a voting option tied to this thread to see truly the percentage of who is/is not having issues w the update here?
  17. tk21

    Gaithersburg, MD Service Center: Get it together

    They “forgot” my first appointment when they were at Capitol Heights, took 3 months to reschedule, 2 weeks after drop off to start work, and still had to fix things on pickup. My second appointment just scheduled isn’t until mid-January (next availability). Pretty frustrating.