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  1. camaroz1985

    Electric Water Heater - Shower options / recommendations?

    I was looking for something, but ended up going with propane for hot water/shower and cooking. Maybe eventually I can go fuel free, but for now this seems to be the better solution.
  2. camaroz1985

    RIVBROS - DIY Vinyl Wrap and PPF Kits for Rivians

    The mountain graphics look great! Please tell me you didn't do this though....
  3. camaroz1985

    Is this the R2 spotted in the wild?

    There is a space between the white "R2" and the green R1S (note how the white vehicle is parked in front of the RAN dispenser instead of behind as it would normally be), so that person is more than a few feet behind the "R2". It's not a high quality picture, but I don't think it is a fake.
  4. camaroz1985

    Rivian, please let us control the exterior lighting from the app

    Being able to control the outlets from the app would be very helpful (I'm sure you know more than most). It would be nice to be able to control the lights from the app in camping mode (side mirror spot lights, light bar or fog lights, reverse lights, and bed lights).
  5. camaroz1985

    Now they tell us!

    Seems they are interested in the correct truck then. That is pretty common. With painted cars you can us an iron remover and disolve it, but not sure what that might do to stainless.
  6. camaroz1985

    Installed: Cargo Tie Down Ring Hook & L-Track Quick Disconnect Mounting Base Kit by Team 1EV

    I've used mine to manage lighter items in the bed with ratchet straps (coolers, grills, tvs, etc). For anything heavy that I am trying to really secure, I use the built in tie down points or the bed rail cargo bar mounts. They definitely do make it more convenient to be able to tie things...
  7. camaroz1985

    Are Rivians being built with NACS plugs yet? Any NACS adapter plug recommendations?

    The R2 will have NACS, but R1 might actually beat it to be first with NACS next year. Don't worry about the inlet and just get and use the truck now. We will be in a time of using adapters either way (CCS->NACS or NACS-CCS) if you want to be able to fully utilize all charging networks, at...
  8. camaroz1985

    All 4 Rivian battery packs usable kWh capacity posted (Standard vs Standard+ vs Large vs Max)

    Nice that they have decided to be transparent with this info now. Should definitely help the more informed buyer when looking at all the options.
  9. camaroz1985

    Center Console Bag purpose built for your R1

    This is a great idea. Will pick one up to make this area a little more useful.
  10. camaroz1985

    2024.03 Software Update *BETA* (Quick Controls, Individual Passenger Window Locking, Ride Feel & Ride Height Improvements & More)

    Right, that is why I was saying it took longer based on holidays/end of year. Looking back before the software snafu of 2023.42, they were doing 6-9 days or something in that range. I was just expecting this one to be out by now, but I am also ok with them taking their time to make sure there...
  11. camaroz1985

    2024.03 Software Update *BETA* (Quick Controls, Individual Passenger Window Locking, Ride Feel & Ride Height Improvements & More)

    This one seems to be taking longer to go from beta to public than normal. Wonder what is holding it up. The previous couple being over holidays/EOY made sense to take longer. Or maybe they are being more thorough after the 2023.42 "fiasco".
  12. camaroz1985

    Atomic Wheels on Rivians - Installed Photos

    I think white and bronze is always a good combination. The bronze lettering is a nice touch!
  13. camaroz1985

    Rivian patents bed rack system w/ easy removal and storage

    The best prices I have found is tnutz.com. You pick the profile, they cut to length, and do any machining you need on the ends (from a predefined list of options). Also the best place to get plates, gussets, and brackets. They have most things in clear anodized or black anodized. I considered...
  14. camaroz1985

    Rivian patents bed rack system w/ easy removal and storage

    Have the same, though I replaced the uprights with slightly shorter extrusions so my tent will clear my garage door. At first I wasn't going to leave it on all the time, but the looks have grown on me, and it's not as easy as I would have hoped for to remove. I do wish the angle of the...
  15. camaroz1985

    NEW - OpenSourceEV Parts Seat Back Tablet Mount V2 & Tablet Holder

    Thanks for offering this. Ordered mine last night when I got the email. Hopefully this will get rid of some of the rattles I have now.
  16. camaroz1985

    RAN Rivian Charging Stations Locations Map via Google Maps

    OBX is definitely needed! Headed to Sandbridge, VA this summer with the family. DCFC is lacking there as well. Throw one up that way while you are at it Rivian!