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  1. Phrogz

    Installed: Cargo Tie Down Ring Hook & L-Track Quick Disconnect Mounting Base Kit by Team 1EV

    Bought 8 of these tie-downs to add to the bed (same price on Amazon). I took a few pictures to share because I could not tell from the website how far they protruded. Installation was simple: Use two small flathead screwdrivers to pop off the plastic cap at each spot. (Work around the edge to...
  2. Phrogz

    Warning: do not ice up your wheel wells

    After work last week—when it was 28°F outside—I took my dirty R1T to a self car wash (pressure washers with various ingredients). I jacked the truck up to Highest setting and in addition to cleaning the rest of the exterior I somewhat sprayed the underside, and sprayed inside the wheels and...
  3. Phrogz

    Tailgate sensor failing; anyone know where it is, or how to workaround it?

    A few weeks ago I closed my tailgate bed and the truck reported it wasn't closed. After a few open/hard closings it finally registered as closed. This cycle of opening/closing worked for a week; after that I couldn't get it to register the tailgate as closed. FYI rebooting the vehicle did not...
  4. Phrogz

    Phone as a key PAAK ~not working: "Present a key to start your drive"

    Yesterday morning and this morning I've used the app to start pre-heating the truck, walked out with my phone, the doors have unlocked due to Bluetooth, I've entered the truck, put my foot on the brake, pushed the lever to attempt to go into reverse...and gotten this message: I'm playing music...
  5. Phrogz

    Best speed for maximum range in R1T?

    Four+ years ago CleanTechnica posted an article showing some great graphs from some great data garnered by ABRP on Tesla performance at different speeds and temperatures. It includes the following two graphs, showing that the ideal speed--to get maximum range--for the Model S100 is about 35 MPH...
  6. Phrogz

    Door won't latch closed…bounces open.

    Left my truck parked at the Denver airport last week. When I got back it was 10°F and covered in snow and ice. Unlocked the truck, wife and kids and I opened all doors and got in. Wife got back out (front passenger side) to wipe snow off the windshield and when she got back in, the door wouldn't...
  7. Phrogz

    Siri can't search the web when in the R1T

    "Hey Siri, how much is a kilogram of gold worth?" "Sorry, I can't search the web on iPhone." ... What? Yes you can. You do it for me all the time. This only happens when I'm driving my Rivian. Apparently this is a new change in iOS 16 (with a TERRIBLE, incorrect response), where if Siri thinks...
  8. Phrogz

    Mitigating Limitations of Regenerative Braking?

    I live a ~mile up a steep mountain road (average grade about 13%, some sections around 20%). With an ICE car it is imperative to use lower gears to save brake pads over time. When I leave home in the morning, with regen braking set to "High", I get about 2,000' along and 300' descent down the...
  9. Phrogz

    App showing only "Close Windows" should be fixed by next OTA

    My "Vent Windows" button in the mobile app has been offline for about a week now. Shows only "Close Windows" button highlighted, whether the windows are open or closed. Tapping the button shows, "Connecting...", "Closing..."—at this point it will close the windows if they were open—it continues...
  10. Phrogz

    Connecting Rivian charger to Wi-Fi??

    Manual says, “Open the Rivian app on your phone. […] Open Account menu and choose Add a Rivian Product.” My Rivian app shows version 1.6.0 and does not have this option. Anyone else with the Rivian charger gotten it on the Wi-Fi for firmware updates and sweet, sweet stats?
  11. Phrogz

    Squeaky Wheel Gets the Grease: Call Service (Edit: WRONG)

    I used the Rivian app to report 3 issues 14 days ago, and since then have reported a few more. (Seatbelt installed backwards, panel misalignment, powered tonneau cover acting flaky, and then later fully broken down, broken plastic wrap around beneath passenger seat, hotspot stopped working, …)...
  12. Phrogz

    Jeep Wave? Rivian Blink!

    I have driven Wranglers since I was 12 (driving only in private areas) and have owned Jeeps all my life. I love the Jeep Wave, the camaraderie among Jeep owners. Now that I'm driving my R1T daily, I feel a similar kinship with Rivian owners (whom I am seeing more and more!). I glimpse another...
  13. Phrogz

    My List of Desired Changes

    I've been driving my R1T for 3 weeks now, and have been keeping track of things I'd like to see changed. Most are software and UI things that could be fixed, but there are a few hardware changes that I'm recording in case someone from Rivian sees the list and is interested in my opinion. :p The...
  14. Phrogz

    Advice on removing the visor stickers ?

    Anyone successfully, cleanly, and without damage removed the obnoxious stickers from the visors? If so, how did you do it?
  15. Phrogz

    Squeegee / Cleaner Recommendations

    R1T goes fast. Fast equals fun. But fast also equals bug splatter on windshield. Now that I don't have to visit a gas station every week, I need a way to clean my windshield at home. Any recommendations on a "gas station squeegee" for quickly and easily scrubbing clear the windshield, holding...
  16. Phrogz

    Max ride height while trailering?

    I put a boat in the water every weekend. This past weekend was my first with the R1T. No issue hooking up to the trailer. (Adjusting ride height to Low made it easy to get under the ball, even though the trailer's post had sunk into the mud.) No issue pulling the boat (about 6,500 pounds with...
  17. Phrogz

    Confirm your configuration before test drive?

    Was assuming the guide (who had not been assigned) would reach out to me before it was time to buy with local test drive option. I just received the "confirm your configuration" email. Per the email from May '22, once the "guide" reaches out to me to confirm the config (was an email with no...
  18. Phrogz

    Anyone changed their config after getting the "confirm your configuration" email without ~penalty?

    Configured the R1T I want during my Feb '21 pre-order Dec '21 received delivery estimate of Jul '22-Sep '22 May '22 I changed my interior from Ocean Coast to Black Mountain to try and speed up delivery I died a little inside, but I feared OC was going to take way too long Jun '22 received...