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  1. 12 V Battery Service

    OMG $800? My Tesla (2018 Tesla Model S) just had 12V replacement done for the first time and a Tesla technician came to our house and replaced it in 10 minutes. He charged me $238.
  2. Anyone sold their Rivian?

    I share your pain. If I were in your situation I would be thinking the same thing. Fortunately my R1T was very well assembled without any issue except the onboard charger was defective so they replaced it on day 1. I like my R1T and I intent to keep it even Rivian goes out of business...
  3. Am I just whining...

    I totally agree with you on the temp and time display. They need to be closer to the driver. Every time I need to check the outside temperature or the current time I get slightly annoyed because they are not right in front of me and I have to turn my head to the right to look for them.
  4. Minor damage repair estimate: $49,880!

    I agree. If word gets around repairing minor damage is around $40k then the mass appeal will die very quickly. Only the enthusiasts will have interest in Rivian.
  5. Rivian App updated version released for iOS and Android

    ioS version = 17.2.1 How do I find out what version of Rivian app I am using? Thanks...
  6. Rivian App updated version released for iOS and Android

    How do you update Rivian app on iPhone? I don't see update button anywhere in the Rivian app and when I go into App Store the Rivian app just says 'open'.
  7. Aftermarket 6X9 subwoofer experiment in a 2023 R1T

    I am also looking for ways to improve the sound quality. I've taken my R1T to local car audio/tint shop and they quoted me $4800 for new amp, speakers and subwoofer. I am seriously thinking about it and I will post the follow up if I decide to proceed.
  8. Service center swapped out my Meridian speaker with the Rivian Elevation speaker

    What if Rivian had to replaced your front trunk and it has Honda logo instead of Rivian logo? Functionally your car will run the same so you wouldn't mind because it's not a downgrade right?
  9. Electric camping trailer startup……

    I would order it right now but my HOA won't allow RV/Trailer to be parked so bummer...
  10. Manual Tonneau Cover on Back Order

    I picked up my R1T exactly a year ago and my manual tonneau cover arived 11 months later but they screwed it up by delivering four mid panels. They forgot to include the first and the last piece. I called the guide and he said he would put a replacement order. Now 2 months has past and...
  11. Is servicing going to be the downfall to Rivian?

    So are you sayig because Rivian is brand new car company their Quality Control isn't experienced enought to detect the obvious issues the original poster saw right away or they let it pass even they saw the issues at the plant?
  12. Rear bumper collision today

    wow you sound like my father !
  13. Unhappy with quality of stereo sound

    Like some people said the sound system is just on par with other average cars (mine is Meridian). However when I placed an order for R1T last year the Rivian site had a dedicated section advertising their sound system being the "Premium" Meridian sound system and that is why I was sold to place...
  14. Completed Speaker & Sub Upgrade in Rivian R1S

    Omg! I envy you. I am also not happy with my current Meridian system and looking to upgrade. Can you recommend me the shop who did yours if you are in SoCal? I am afraid most of the shop still not familiar with Rivian and will mess up my car.
  15. My Rivian R1S is not charging :(

    First take it to L3 charging station like Electrify America and try charge there. If it works there then there must be issue with your home charging installation. If L3 charging doesn't work either then it probably R1S onbard charger is defect. The same thing happened to my R1T so the...
  16. Please Tesla, Rivian give us the conventional door handle

    Perhaps I didn't express my thoughts well. If Rivian makes door handle mechanism self standing active unit then it doesn't have to communicate with the car to determine to open/close the door. The current design is based on on board CPU to detect signal from the proximity sensor and...
  17. Please Tesla, Rivian give us the conventional door handle

    I own Tesla Model S and Rivian R1T. I am generally happy with both cars. The only common gripe I have is with door handle. I admit they are kind of neat when door handle is flush to the body panel (as well as aerodynamic) and pops up when in Park. However there are too many times the...
  18. On board charger died? Mobile service?

    When I picked up my R1T I was all excited got home and plugged the charger right away. It didn't work. I kept getting the red flash light from the charge indicator light. The display said charge fail. I called Rivian and they made me to drive to L3 charger near by and try charging. It...
  19. Charge Level Creeping Up

    My R1T has been doing that for a long time. I even reported it here in this forum but the general consensus was just to unplug, restart the software and replug the charger. I tried this several times but it never worked. Mine is set to 80% but everyday it keeps creeping up. It sometimes...