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  1. SPITmadFIRE

    ⚡️ Rivian announces: March Tesla Supercharger access & free NACS adapters!

    Per Rivian: Supercharger access is coming to Rivian – that’s 15,000 more fast chargers for Rivian owners across North America. In March we’ll be adding Supercharger sites to our vehicle and app trip planner with adapter shipments to owners starting soon after. Start planning your road trips...
  2. SPITmadFIRE

    Traction Devices for 20" ATs (275/65 R20)

    The R1S manual states that the 20" AT wheels and tires are only compatible with textile-based traction devices. In California, even if you're not required to use traction devices, you're legally required to possess them in the vehicle whenever chain control measures are active. I'm hoping to...
  3. SPITmadFIRE

    Delivery and Purchase; Required to Pay Before Delivery?

    Howdy! I'm in the final stages of my 2021 preorder purchase process, and delivery scheduling "opens soon". I've recently been assigned a new Guide as my previous one seems to be taking on a new role within Rivian. My new guide is telling me that my financing payment and down payment need to be...