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  1. zefram47

    Accidentally Reset Lifetime Trip Meter

    Awww... I have been using my Trip B since day 1 as a lifetime trip meter. This morning, I somehow managed to accidentally hit the A/B selector in the gauge view as I was reaching for the reset button right next to it. In typical recovering former Windows user fashion, I tapped the confirm...
  2. zefram47

    MapBox v2 SDK Now With EV Routing

    While Rivian did update their built-in place search to use Google, I wonder if the larger navigation update Rivian alluded to is actually going to be the MapBox v2 SDK. Looks like they've added EV routing to the mix that allows developers to include detailed vehicle info including efficiency...
  3. zefram47

    RAN Charging Curve (9% - 81%) Data - From Broomfield, CO Station

    Finally had the opportunity to try out a RAN site with the opening of the Broomfield, CO location. I spent most of the week running the truck down to 9% by the time I reached the station. Truck preconditioned the battery for about 20 min while enroute, so the battery may have still been a...
  4. zefram47

    Driver+ Really Likes Left Turn Lanes

    Anyone ever have issues where Lane Keep Assist (LKA) constantly wants to dive into left turn lanes? Almost every left turn lane I come across that's well marked, my R1T wants to aggressively force me into it even though I'm in a through lane. If I'm on ACC and come up to one that's occupied it...
  5. zefram47

    New Charging Curve Example (2023.10.02)

    After seeing the latest OoS video on a potentially revised charging curve I gave it a go myself. Not super rigorous, but tried to capture enough to be worthwhile. The first stall had failed cable cooling and dropped to 40 kW within 5 minutes, so I moved to another stall. 25-35% was in the...
  6. zefram47

    License Plate Mount Screws

    Anyone know what screws are intended to be used for the front license plate mount from Rivian? I opted to not have Rivian install mine thinking I'd get one of the aftermarket options, but looking at what's out there I'm not thrilled with them. For some reason they included the factory mount...
  7. zefram47

    Brake Light Activation Poll

    I've driven EVs for 4 years now and manual transmission cars since I started driving. While in the EV I find I tend to brake earlier and lighter than ICE vehicles. My MINI's brake lights seem to come on exactly when I expect them to even with light regen use (throttle modulation). For some...
  8. zefram47

    Weekly Rivian Responds Roundup - Cruise Control

    Just saw the latest Weekly Rivian Responds Roundup over on Reddit and there was the age old question of regular/standard cruise control being made available. Gotta say, Rivian's response quite honestly pisses me off. It's extremely dismissive and just says they won't offer it because Driver+...
  9. zefram47

    📬 Tons of "Confirm Your Configuration" emails have gone out tonight 1/6/23!!!

    Seems like a ton of confirm your configuration emails have gone out tonight. Nervous excitement here! In other news, a horrible thought occurred to me. How Rivian would be be to confirm a bunch of configurations and then a day or two later announce a bunch of new options, colors, etc!?
  10. zefram47

    Max Pack delayed to 2024 according to configurator / email 😔

    This now shows up in the configurator and I have a Jan-Dec 2024 delivery window. Also got this email from Rivian a bit ago. I specifically calls out the Dual Motor + Max Pack as being available Summer 2023.
  11. zefram47

    First Mile Drive - Suspension Tuning Questions And Brief Review

    I had my First Mile Mobile Drive today. I'd gotten to crawl around the truck during the Denver open house already, so really I just wanted to get out and drive rather than poking around the truck for much of the experience. Obviously it's fast AF off the line and seems to launch harder with...