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  1. MidnightRivian

    Rivian allowing R2 holders to experience what R1 holders went through - Rivian s00n (thread includes updated renderings)

    It’s perfect if You ask me :) A great way to welcome our new R2 family with a special bonding experience we can all relate to / talk about around the campfire while overlanding with R1 and R2. Rivian R2 reservations holders will get to experience what R1 owners went through. Waiting 2+ years...
  2. MidnightRivian

    67% residual for 36 month / 15,000 mile R1S Quad Motor Lease. Final numbers included in thread.

    67% residual for 36 month / 15,000 mile R1S Lease.
  3. MidnightRivian

    Some 1 on 1 time with Rivian while Shorts work overtime on getting me shares @ book value

    I took the opportunity today to wash my car and calipers while the EV world was in shambles from Shorts having a field day with the stock. I called this beautifully when I said we would should have an opportunity to pick up shares closer to book value when shorts go to town on the stock. That...
  4. MidnightRivian

    Rivian 10 year Depreciation Schedule and Cross Shopping with R2 in 2026

    I wanted to put some potential numbers down to guesstimate what depreciation would be like on a Rivian R1S / R1T Quad Motor over the next 10 years. I would say the current price is $87,000 for R1T and $92,000 for R1S based on Rivian screenshots below. The R1S build would come out to $75,500...
  5. MidnightRivian

    Brembo Brakes, Bags and a Bad A$$ Rig that hauls Butt.

    I've been a car enthusiast since before I got my drivers license. I've always customized my vehicles with suspension, performance, audio/visual and cosmetic mods to create a finely tuned stock modified vehicle. Rivian gave me everything I've ever dreamed off but didn't get a chance to buy /...
  6. MidnightRivian

    Rivian leasing terms have been revised for R1T and R1S. Payment shown starts at $655 for R1T and $766 for R1S.

    Rivian lease terms for R1S / R1T have been updated and now reflect better value for the consumer. Competition is a good thing and this should help price conscious customer lean over to Rivian versus Porsche. You will need to verify the money factor and residuals but seems like right off the...
  7. MidnightRivian

    MidnightRivian Ninja Turtle Dark Baymax Motor Mode

    I was able to enable the Ninja Turtle mode after a 6 mile drive Friday morning. I’ve seen a couple people post up recently about their experience which for some ended up with a tow to the service center. I’ll share my experience with the turtle. It happened right after I dropped my son to...
  8. MidnightRivian

    Amazing cold weather performance in 19 degree temps thanks to preconditioning update which landed just in time

    I’m loving the cold weather performance. I used the pre-condition feature and the update came just in time for 14 degree temps. Before warming up the vehicle, cabin temps showed 41 degrees in my garage. I’m getting 1.91 mi/kWh on 20” AT driving mainly on the highway between 65 mph and 74 mph...
  9. MidnightRivian

    Share thoughts, questions, ideas or suggestions / feedback to Rivian using the App

    Use the app to share feedback. Open up the Rivian App and scroll all the way to the bottom on the main page where it says "Share feedback" This is below your Mileage, Vehicle Information and Owners Guide. You should submit your first feedback to Rivian asking them for a 1200 HP Quad motor R1S...
  10. MidnightRivian

    Range Rover Teases Its First Electric SUV, Which Is Made to Wade

    Waiting lists are open for Range Rover's upcoming EV SUV, which can wade through 33.4 inches of water when it arrives next year. https://www.caranddriver.com/news/a46129531/2025-range-rover-ev-teased/ https://www.landroverusa.com/electric/suv.html...
  11. MidnightRivian

    What are your thoughts on a 10 yr or 11 yr / 100,000 miles - 150,000 miles bumper to bumper extended warranty by Fidelity Warranty Services

    I am thinking of purchasing an extended warranty plan and Fidelity warranty services comes highly recommended by the Porsche owners forum Rennlist. What are your thoughts on purchasing a bumper to bumper extended warranty plan for the Rivian. I can see the warranty would include the battery...
  12. MidnightRivian

    3.05 mi/kWh Efficiency on 20” All Terrains - R1T

    Amazing efficiency in rush hour using driver+ Even the lifetime efficiency is impressive on this loaner R1T. Seems like the launch green paint might be the difference maker compared to my Midnight Black option ;)
  13. MidnightRivian

    Rivian R1S Service Center Alignment Specifications

    I’ve seen multiple folks asking for alignment specs for the SUV. I had my vehicle aligned recently by the service center and asked for before and after printouts. The manager was able to print it out for me but one value - Caster was not updated before she printed it out. The manager...
  14. MidnightRivian

    Rivian Home Charger running at 10.5 kW instead of 11.5 kW

    I just noticed the last couple days my Rivian home charger is charging 1 kW slower @ 10.5 kW instead of 11.5 kW. The car shows 10.5 kW now and charger settings still shows 11.4 kW It’s always charged at 11.5 kW and no changes have been made to the original install. I verified the dip...
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    Keep it Spooky | Rivian

  16. MidnightRivian

    Toyota and Lexus Adopts the North American Charging Standard to Expand Customer Charging Options

    https://pressroom.toyota.com/toyota-adopts-the-north-american-charging-standard-to-expand-customer-charging-options/ Toyota and Lexus customers will have access to more than 12,000 Tesla Superchargers in North America. Toyota and Lexus to incorporate North American Charging Standard (NACS)...
  17. MidnightRivian

    Additional Tesla Supercharger availability for non-tesla in AL, AZ, CO, IA, IL, LA, KY, OR, PA, WA, MN, MS, MI, IN and Canada

    Additional Tesla Supercharger availability for non-tesla in AL, AZ, CO, IA, IL, LA, KY, OR, PA, WA, MN, MS, MI, IN and Canada
  18. MidnightRivian

    Marriott Hotels To Install Chargers at 6,000 Locations, EV Connect Brings the Know-How

    EV Connect confirms that it will work with Marriott Hotels to advance charging infrastructure for the hospitality giant's customers. There are 6,000 "qualifying locations" that will gradually get the hardware, the software, and the perk of having a dedicated team of technicians on standby...