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  1. zefram47

    So what does “All Fog” lights do?

    Already said, but rear fogs. The idea is to have separate rear lights (on the lower rear bumper) that are nearly as bright as the brake lights for visibility in really foggy conditions while still having all 3 brake lights with full function. I live on some of the highest land around before...
  2. zefram47

    ⚡️ Rivian announces: March Tesla Supercharger access & free NACS adapters!

    It's been said dozens of times already. The cords on high-powered DC chargers are liquid cooled. In order to use a pigtail like you and others have suggested, the cord would have to be very thick in order to carry 500A without overheating. It's not going to happen. Tesla just needs to switch...
  3. zefram47

    Ford NACS Adapter Released + Access to Tesla Superchargers Now Available

    There is no current UL standard for DCFC adapters...it's currently under development. Which means that even Tesla's adapters couldn't be certified at this point. I'd be more concerned that Tesla as well as Rivian and Ford have already said they'll only stand behind the adapter that comes from...
  4. zefram47

    Wasatch Range Anxiety

    The range displayed is sadly *always* based on the EPA range. If you use nav, it'll be much closer if not overly conservative in its estimates, but the range remaining on the driver display will still show EPA. This is why I rely more on %SoC than estimated miles. Take %SoC remaining / 100 *...
  5. zefram47

    What do you use your R1T bed for? (Picture Edition)

    Had to transport a bunch of trophies for a martial arts tournament last weekend. Cab was also full of them. I think we filled two other pickups too.
  6. zefram47

    Saved so much $$$ buying a Rivian 😂

    Funny you put these two together. I concur around $0.07/mi on the Rivian for me. I had a BEV MINI Cooper SE that was closer to $0.035/mi. Traded the MINI and a 4Runner in on the R1T.
  7. zefram47

    Rivian was listed among Consumer Reports "Worst Car Brands for 2024"

    I generally like Consumer Reports, but I learned long ago not to trust much of what they say about cars. Supposedly I still have a subscription, but I never got the car survey, so I certainly wasn't counted among the Rivian respondents. Those most likely to answer those surveys either have an...
  8. zefram47

    I hate when I pull up to this...

    This is why Level 2 ought to be like the Europeans do and you bring your own cord. Would probably make maintenance easier too.
  9. zefram47

    Ford NACS Adapter Released + Access to Tesla Superchargers Now Available

    Interesting. The Tesla app now has the option of adding a non-Tesla to properly filter SCs you can use. I entered Rivian, but they know the adapters haven't been released yet so it doesn't show anything but Magic Dock stations yet. I assume for the Ford folks it shows most of the V3 stations...
  10. zefram47

    Ford NACS Adapter Released + Access to Tesla Superchargers Now Available

    No, there's been nothing official yet beyond the original communications saying we'd all receive an adapter for free. That said, I was one of the ones that had to wait 9 months to receive my manual tonneau cover. Due to the number of people that either had old addresses in their system or had...
  11. zefram47

    Mickey Thompson Baja Boss 20" AT Tires Installed -- Like Nebraska, honestly, it's not for everyone...

    I also had 2.14 mi/kWh over about 10k miles before I swapped out for the Blizzaks. FWIW, the calculation I did to find the appropriate pressure for the LT E-load tires was 55.4 psi to match the load rating and pressure equivalent on the OE Pirellis. I never bothered with a chalk test though...
  12. zefram47

    Solar Eclipse in Bloomington Southern Indiana.

    That's Bloomington, IN, btw. The factory is in Normal, IL.
  13. zefram47

    Rivian Patents the "Ornamental Design for a Duffel Bag"

    They already made it. I bought one...nice bag, but certainly not worth the money they're asking for it. https://rivian.com/gear-shop/p/rivian-duffel-bag
  14. zefram47

    2024.07 Software Update (BETA): Navigation Improvements, Roomy Entry & Exit Enhancements, and More...

    That's really not the way software development works in an agile world. Work is done on a biweekly or monthly schedule and whatever is ready goes in the release. Things that aren't get put off until the next one. I'd much rather see faster cadence bug fixes and smaller features than put...
  15. zefram47

    Traction, Slip, and Machine Learning

    This would be kinda pointless. Conditions change constantly, especially in different weather conditions. Snow, rain, mud, wet sand vs dry sand, wet leaves, rocks...everything in between, etc. Current calibration sucks as soon as you lift 2 wheels off the ground, common in off-roading, or...
  16. zefram47

    2024.07 Software Update (BETA): Navigation Improvements, Roomy Entry & Exit Enhancements, and More...

    It's actually been a feature for at least 6-9 months. A recent software update did tweak it to make it smoother, but it still sucks and as you pointed out, slows down *way* too much for what it is.
  17. zefram47

    Take Control NOW!!

    Yup...I always disengage HWA around construction zones if lanes have changed at all. It wants to continue with the pre-mapped info instead of using the cameras, seemingly. Really annoying they can't do the lane centering stuff on camera alone.
  18. zefram47

    Trouble in the snow with my QM R1T Adventure

    Just to counter a little of the QM hate of late. I took my R1T QM to a snow-cross today and had a blast on Blizzak LTs. It wasn't as easy to toss around as I expected in Snow mode or Rally mode, but as soon as I flipped it into Drift mode...magic happened. It was so easy link turns and get it...
  19. zefram47

    Take Control NOW!!

    Could be anything. I had it happen a few times between Denver and Glenwood this weekend where it randomly had road info drop out and asked me to take over. Other than that it was actually pretty solid unless the lane lines were indistinct or missing. Only real problem I have with HWA at this...
  20. zefram47

    2024.07 Software Update (BETA): Navigation Improvements, Roomy Entry & Exit Enhancements, and More...

    After doing about 8 hours of highway driving this weekend in the mountains, I'd really like to see an option buried in a menu somewhere to disable the auto slowdown in corners thing. It's unbelievably annoying, slows down for corners when unnecessary, and slows down way too much. That said...