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  1. Chewy734

    7500 Multipoint Inspection

    Yeah, you’re right. I’ll find out on Tuesday and report back.
  2. Chewy734

    7500 Multipoint Inspection

    My garage has no available room, sadly. But, I have a lot of space on the flat driveway outside. Does it need to be a covered area?
  3. Chewy734

    7500 Multipoint Inspection

    Good to know. I’m dropping mine off on Tuesday for something else and I’m at 7200 miles. Maybe I can add it on when I drop it off. Might as well also sign up for the next one since appointments are like 6+ months out. 😂
  4. Chewy734

    Saved so much $$$ buying a Rivian 😂

    Damn expensive CA. $0.36 - $0.59. I have solar and Powerwalls, but it’s enough to just power our home.
  5. Chewy734

    ⚡️ Rivian announces: March Tesla Supercharger access & free NACS adapters!

    I’d be ok if the price matches my peak residential utility rate of $0.59. After all, it’s a lot faster!
  6. Chewy734

    Third Rivian R2 teaser image - "Jump in — the water’s warm" (2/28/24)

    Rivian designers… Tesla designers…
  7. Chewy734

    Third Rivian R2 teaser image - "Jump in — the water’s warm" (2/28/24)

    Imagine if they came out with a 2-door variant as well… 😱
  8. Chewy734

    Third Rivian R2 teaser image - "Jump in — the water’s warm" (2/28/24)

    No, but it’ll have paint.
  9. Chewy734

    Third Rivian R2 teaser image - "Jump in — the water’s warm" (2/28/24)

    I’m going to be disappointed if the real R2 doesn’t look like this! 😍
  10. Chewy734

    R2 colors at reveal event?

    I would like to see all the iMac colors. But, in reality… some monochrome, maybe a blue and red, and 5 shades of green. 😂
  11. Chewy734

    I made a Mascot for the bird that chirps we lock our cars. What should its name be??

    I’m on board with Gary’s friend… now we just need a name. 🤔
  12. Chewy734

    25lbs 20" inch wheels for Rivian by Atomic Wheels

    Slick design, and amazing weight savings! However, the engineer in me is curious on how you’re testing the strength and ensuring no compromise on the overall performance?
  13. Chewy734

    Help! Mud on trim won’t come off

    Yeah, same here. Ceramic coated and then pressure wash when needed.
  14. Chewy734

    Cyber trucks in the wild- quick comment

    The CT looks like it has a chopped off nose, like he who shall not be named. The only CT I’ve seen driving around my part of LA is a black one as well, but driven by some guy that looked like Fry from Futurama (perhaps fitting?).
  15. Chewy734

    SoCal Rivian Club

    This event is currently at its capacity. Please visit rivian.com/spaces/laguna for more information.
  16. Chewy734

    R2S Snowplow

    Is the R2 written in Roman numerals on the side?
  17. Chewy734

    Camp Speaker Curiosity Teardown 🧰

    Wow. Imagine how many hours went into designing the camp speaker instead of a heat pump.
  18. Chewy734

    Is there really no way R2 can be produced earlier in Normal?

    Wait, you need a net worth of ~$4M to afford a $100K vehicle responsibly?!?