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  1. Riviot

    Hummer EV among least green vehicles

    https://www.aceee.org/greener-cars Rivian is below the median, PHEVs top list.
  2. Riviot

    Breck Ski Trip!

    Ahoy, Denver jokers! This fool is in Breck for a week and hopping around the Epic resorts before the pond hockey tourney in Georgetown next weekend. If I see any of y'all, I'm tagging your Rivs. If you find yourself headed to an Epic mountain and wanna split a chair, hit me up and we'll share a...
  3. Riviot

    Disabling eSim

    Has anyone pursued disconnecting the eSim via fuse or other means? We may or may not have watched Leave the World Behind with the peanut gallery chiming in: "I'm surprised it's not a bunch of Rivians piled up." 🙃
  4. Riviot

    Fast Charging profitability

    I just finished my final project for a grad class and used this article as a reference, it's a pretty good read on how to get DCFC to profitability and off subsidies. It's only a few months old but used a lot of 2022 data that seems really outdated already with owner operators already increasing...
  5. Riviot

    Rivian misses Q4 delivery estimates, but beats 2023 annual production forecast

    https://www.reuters.com/business/autos-transportation/ev-maker-rivian-misses-quarterly-deliveries-expectations-2024-01-02/ The company delivered 13,972 vehicles in the quarter to Dec. 31, 10% lower than the previous quarter. It was below estimates of 14,430, according to 13 analysts polled by...
  6. Riviot

    Steering wheel off kilter

    Has anyone taken their steering wheel off to check centering of the nut? I know there was a recall for this but apparently mine was "aligned." I beg to differ, and I'm ready to take it apart to DIY.
  7. Riviot

    Trade-in 2022 R1T for newer model?

    My wife is picking up her Rav4 Prime later this week so now I have a pre-price hike R1S reservation sitting in limbo. I have an early 2022 R1T quad motor with 40k miles in launch green. 🥦 has served us very well and I've done quite a bit of customizing, but I can't help but think of the...
  8. Riviot

    WTB R1S Rear Bumper Chrome Delete

    I've been all over the aftermarket sites and can't find an R1S Rear Bumper Chrome Delete kit. I have the BrainExploder R1T kit on my truck and love it, would really like one for the upcoming R1S. Has anyone found a DIY kit yet?
  9. Riviot

    What's this problem called? SOLVED: Brake sensor bracket lost a bolt

    Good side: Not good side: A lot of good that bolt torque line does if it ain't there. This is on my front shafts, noticed while spraying off layers of mud. I recognize this issue from an older thread, but can't remember what it is. I'm pulling the driver bolt to measure it and get one from...
  10. Riviot

    Who's got a good picture of the R1S Compact Spare?

    We're looking for good pics front and back to find a load rating or load index for the compact spare. Perhaps the 50mph limit let's them go lower than GAWR rates it for? Thanks, community!
  11. Riviot

    Washington WTS Yakima Highroad x 2

    Selling 2 Yakima Highroad bike racks. They work great over the bed of the R1T, but now we keep the RTT there when we travel so had to go back to hitch rack. Only local pickup, willing to meet anywhere in Kitsap, on the Olympic Peninsula, or down to Tacoma. $150 each OBO, currently $300...
  12. Riviot

    Honor Among Enthusiasts

    To the person who took a @Riviot stickered Matchbox truck off someone else's R1T at the Seattle Space soft opening August 17th organized by Emerald City Rivian Club and Seattle Rivian Owners... Really, dude? You sap the fun out of community events and spontaneous gifting by stealing from your...
  13. Riviot

    Washington WTB 20" Wheels (Brights or Staples)

    Looking for 4 of any Rivian 20" wheels (preferably without tires since I'll just change them to AS anyway). Road rash doesn't matter, they're getting powder coated. I'm only looking for local-ish pickup in the PNW, no shipping. I like an excuse to drive 🥦 so ask your price and I'll see you soon!
  14. Riviot

    PSE opened TOU enrollment

    I stumbled across the Puget Sound Energy pilot program for Time of Use rates. It was invite-only through October 1 and opened up after that. They have three pilot schedules: 327, 317, and 307. You can opt out any time and return to the regular Residential Schedule 7. 327 has the best "super...
  15. Riviot

    When life gives you a cracked subframe...Rivian staff save the day!

    I sent my truck in a couple weeks back for seemingly routine items that only needed a day. During service, the staff found my rear subframe was cracked and ordered a new one, putting my truck out of commission while I had a couple trips across the pass planned. Luckily, the Bellevue staff is...
  16. Riviot

    Unlocked at Service Center lot

    I noticed my truck hasn't moved in a while at the Bellevue annex lot, and it's unlocked. That doesn't give me warm and fuzzies. Would you remotely lock it if it's your truck? Is there some logic I'm missing to it being unlocked?
  17. Riviot

    Alarm sounding when unlocked at home

    I just triggered the alarm, at home, in my garage, with the truck unlocked. I opened the door and popped the glovebox center console to grab something, before the system was fully awake, and it didn't like that. Has anyone else had this issue? If it's unlocked, and at home, why would it go off...
  18. Riviot

    Washington Aero Inserts for 20" Wheels

    I'm selling a set of 20 satin grey EV Sportline 20" wheel aero inserts, I'm switching wheel sets and no longer need them. Below is a link to the product, $250 new. https://evsportline.com/products/rivian-aero-inserts I'm asking $150 OBO, it includes shipping anywhere within the U.S.
  19. Riviot

    WTT Smart Sensor Pro+ TPMS Programmer use for beer

    I pulled the trigger and got a SMART SENSOR 17-144 XS Pro+ Sensor Programming Tool TPMS Programmer ( https://a.co/d/2ggTl2s ). Since I only see myself using it maybe a couple times in the next few years, I'm willing to share for a 6-pack/bottle of your favorite go-to beer/wine. Hit me up if you...