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  1. MidnightRivian

    R1S Offroad / Bridgeport OHV (DFW)

    Can you wait until April 7th to go??? https://www.rivianforums.com/forum/group-events/offroad-spring-meet.69/ We’re thrilled to invite you to the 10th Anniversary Spring Meet, organized by Soft Roaders Texas. This exciting event is set to take place at the scenic Northwest OHV Park at...
  2. MidnightRivian

    Saved so much $$$ buying a Rivian 😂

    Do me a favor and run the numbers using a more realistic comparison like the below slowpoke 710 HP Dodge Durango Hellcat for $95,995 and $0 tax credit.
  3. MidnightRivian

    ⚡️ Rivian announces: March Tesla Supercharger access & free NACS adapters!

    IPO holders who signed up for the max $13,650 / 175 share package and are still holding while being down 90% will be offered the first batch of Tesla adapters along with the opportunity to dollar cost average another $13,650 @ $12 ....... /s
  4. MidnightRivian

    R1S wait time, not what I thought

    1 week turnaround from picking a build in the shop to taking delivery. if you’re flexible, customer service will work with you to find a build that closely matches your original build and possibly offer some sort of upgrade / discount if there is a small price difference. End of quarter push...
  5. MidnightRivian

    Rivian allowing R2 holders to experience what R1 holders went through - Rivian s00n (thread includes updated renderings)

    It’s perfect if You ask me :) A great way to welcome our new R2 family with a special bonding experience we can all relate to / talk about around the campfire while overlanding with R1 and R2. Rivian R2 reservations holders will get to experience what R1 owners went through. Waiting 2+ years...
  6. MidnightRivian

    Lease Buyout Process?

    100% true. Everyone needs to do their research based on their state. https://www.caranddriver.com/auto-loans/a44002991/lease-buyout-taxes/
  7. MidnightRivian

    Purchase hesitancy

    You will love camping / overlanding with the Rivian. The R1S would be perfect for your use case. Don't worry about charging speeds or range. You will have access to the Tesla network soon and your range anxiety will disappear overnight. Charging speeds has never been an issue for me. I tend to...
  8. MidnightRivian

    67% residual for 36 month / 15,000 mile R1S Quad Motor Lease. Final numbers included in thread.

    67% residual for 36 month / 15,000 mile R1S Lease.
  9. MidnightRivian

    Lease Buyout Process?

    67% residual for 3 year lease with 15,000 miles.
  10. MidnightRivian

    R1 refresh update coming in 2024 with upgraded “Ascent” trim / model

    Would you go with the Ascent 1000+ HP Quad motor package if it was only available with $10,000 max pack? I would imagine the Ascent upgrade would cost $7,000 - $10,000 versus original quad motor. I can see Rivian replacing the 835 HP Bosch quad motor with 855 HP in house quad motor.
  11. MidnightRivian

    Need Advice on getting quad vs. dual

    Here you go. $3,300 for one extra year and 20,000 miles with $0 deductible. Subtract $500 - $750 for 10,000 extra miles. prices increase every calendar year and as you add an additional 10,000 miles. cheapest pricing is buying the warranty the same calendar year as purchase and before 10,000...
  12. MidnightRivian

    Need Advice on getting quad vs. dual

    Do me a favor and run a quote to see how much one year of warranty cost to go from 4 years to 5 years. Plus 25,000 extra miles for your powertrain on year 8. All with $0 deductible and free loaner vehicles. most extended warranty’s will run you around $1,000 - $1,500 per year and higher mileage...
  13. MidnightRivian

    Experience shopping for an EV9 vs R1S

    I sat in the EV9 and own the R1S. one is a minivan people hauler and the second is an off-road and on-road HYPERBEAST. it’s like comparing a Lamborghini URUS to Hyundai Genesis GV80. Both vehicles transport humans. That’s where the comparison stops.
  14. MidnightRivian

    Need Advice on getting quad vs. dual

    QUAD all day long. Power, resale, capability, warranty and the most important, YELLOW CALIPERS!!
  15. MidnightRivian

    Air Suspension Technical Info?

    https://leandesign.com/contact/ Munro & Associates 1140 Centre Road Auburn Hills, MI, 48326 Phone: (248) 362 5110 Fax: (248) 362-5117 Michael Oakes VP Commercial Business Development [email protected]
  16. MidnightRivian

    Traded in my R1T for an F150 Lightning

    Let me take stab at pricing while we wait for @Scoiatael to verify the amounts. Lets go with $77,500 for the F-150 Platinum Lightning and $65,000 trade in for the R1T.
  17. MidnightRivian

    People on Reddit saying they are getting free interior color upgrades

    I’m pretty sure the Reddit guy was offered forest edge interior if he picked a vehicle with performance dual instead of standard. In the end he still spent an extra $3,000 and Rivian sold one vehicle from inventory. Rivian has some levers they can pull to help move vehicles in their inventory...