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  1. jollyroger

    Tesla FSD Can be trasferred to a new Tesla ...

    As long as you purchase on before September 30 2023. Text of the email I got: Full Self-Driving Capability Transfers Customers who take delivery of a new Tesla vehicle between July 20, 2023 and September 30, 2023 may qualify for transferring Full Self-Driving (FSD) capability from their...
  2. jollyroger

    Hitch Receiver Protection

    Okay admittedly, probably the goofiest question of the year so far :CWL: I've never had a new hitch on a new truck before, always used. And they usually had scoring and a little bit of surface rust. Is there any such thing as something that protects the interior of a hitch receiver? I kinda...
  3. jollyroger

    When is Chargepoint going to have a Rivian graphic

    I keep checking each month, but all I get from Chargepoint is this stupid cartoon VW bug looking thing. This can’t be that hard to do!
  4. jollyroger

    HOV stickers with PFF on textured bumper?

    Hey fellow Cali folk, For those of you who elected to get the HOV stickers. And are also using PPF to ease removal later. Have any of you applied them to the textured section of the bumper with success?
  5. jollyroger

    What Max Amperage to Consider for Home Charging? (40, 48, 80)

    I have a Chargepoint home Flex and am currently getting quotes to move from the 14-50 NEMA plug to hardwire (going to keep the plug for backup). But the J1772 standard seems to allow up to a maximum 80 amps charging. However, with maybe the exception of Lucid and whatever Ford is doing, most...
  6. jollyroger

    Anyone remove A Pillar to install dashcam wiring yet?

    The Pillar seems set up somewhat different than I'm used to. Or maybe it's just has strong clips. Anyway wanted to make sure I don't break anything. Bonus question. Anyone run the wiring to the back window camera yet for a two camera setup?
  7. jollyroger

    Ocean Coast Chilewich Mats vs All Weather

    We just got our Husky Weatherbeater mats. They seem okay but I had to cut off a lot of the little carpet holder knobs where they touched molded plastic in the truck. Otherwise they fit pretty well. That not the point of this post though. When I went to install the mats, I didn't realize how...
  8. jollyroger

    GPS Routing Weirdness

    I didn't see anything real specific in past posts about this, so thought I would start a new thread. The navigation seems to make weird routing decisions, especially when there is a lot of traffic. Keeps trying to drag me off the freeways in SoCal when it's backed up, which is almost never...
  9. jollyroger

    Owning the Truck but not the Software

    To start, this isn't just a Rivian thing, but these agreements we are signing are showing more and more that, although we own the vehicle hardware, we don't own the software. We just license it. Yet the vehicle we own is mostly useless without the corresponding software component. Now this...
  10. jollyroger

    Tesla MyQ update is seriously cool!

    Got one of my many Tesla updates a few days ago, and noticed that they included a MyQ feature. For those of you who don’t know what MyQ is. It’s a internet enabled garage door opener protocol/app that is native for Liftmaster and Chamberlin. the Tesla integration allows you to open and close...
  11. jollyroger

    Pics: Ocean Coast Interior at Rivian Venice Hub

    Happened to stop by yesterday and found the white vehicle in the back had Ocean coast interior with the black ash wood trim. I didn’t takes lot of pictures since there are plenty but wanted to make sure those who can, can visit and see it in person.
  12. jollyroger

    Little Giant Velocity Ladder, will a m22 fit in the bed?

    I need a new ladder. I’ve been looking at the little giant. I’m sure the M17 would fit a little diagonally. But I’m hoping the M22 would fit if set in the bed at an angle as well. I want to get something I can throw in the bed if I need to take it with me. Anyone have one they tried putting in...
  13. jollyroger

    Front Hitch for R1T?

    I currently have a front hitch on our F250. It’s super convenient for things like taking bikes on the hitch mount bike rack, while towing a trailer. I have also used it to help get the boat trailer into tight spaces with much better visibility. However, I’ve not seen any discussion if there...
  14. jollyroger

    Hi Tony, one week of summer left, we gonna get a delivery window?

    Hey Tony, Just thought I’d point out that summer is almost over on September 22, and I still don’t have an official delivery window on my preorder :cool:.
  15. jollyroger

    R1S Hiding in Plain Sight ?!?!

    Went for a hike today and this was the only vehicle on the parking lot that has a cover which drew my attention, then saw that it had a Rivian wheel! when I looked closer it was clear it had a covered back, I could not see any plates not the color, but was pretty exciting to possibly be seeing...
  16. jollyroger

    Struggling with wheel choice

    Morning everyone, I'm sure I want the 20" wheels as we'll be towing a 7.5k boat and trailer. Although the sports would probably work, I've seen in numerous other forums that you don't want shallow sidewalls on the tires when towing heavy tongue weight. However I don't think I like the dark...
  17. jollyroger

    Towing and Tire/Wheel sizes, 20" or 22"

    I'm trying to get some advice from the collective here. I'm sure I don't want to get the 21 inch wheels due to the weird size and that they will probably be really expensive to replace. Although we may go to some campgrounds, mostly I'm planning on pulling our boat to the local ramps. They are...
  18. jollyroger

    Camp Kitchen Out in the Open in Venice

    I happened to be in Venice this past weekend and saw one of the trucks had the camp kitchen out. So far I had only seen renderings and videos so I took a few pics from as many angles as I could think of